TFV4, Crown, Haze and others - How do they stack up against each other?

Hey Brad,

What kind of battery life do you get out of the evic crown combo in TC at max power? I’ve been interested in adding both to the collection.

Hi Benny, I get pretty good battery life. I actually used it all day at work yesterday, and I’m still hitting it now. It shows about 1/3rd charge left. I’m using efest 3000mah 35A in it. I’m not a super heavy vapor, so that may have some to do with it. I go through 10-15ml a day during the week, maybe 20ml per day over the weekends. Also, I have been hitting other mods today. Overall, I love that little EVIC. It’s small and goes into a pocket easily.
Max power with TC has less to do with power usage and more to do with ramp up time. At max power, it hits instantly and goes into protection. Temperature has more to do with battery life. It’s going to use more power at higher temps. I tend to like a slightly warm vape and sometimes cooler depending on the flavor I am getting with the juice at hand.


Thanks, that’s what I was curious about. I go through 15-20 ml a day at work (TF4V). I have other mods while at home. Just looking for a small TC mod for the workday. Juice consumption would probably drop a little with the switch in tanks, but I hear the crown chugs a bit too.

Most welcome. :smiley: The Crown can be a little thirsty yes. It has decent capacity though. I usually take a bottle of juice with me or a couple of other tanks. Usually a spare battery or another mod JIC.

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To be honest, I find very few of my tanks that I can’t break out and use as a ADV Tank. Some are better than than others, but there are only 2 that I was so dissappointed that I go rid of them.

TFV4 Dual RBA :+1::+1:
Aromamizer :+1::+1:
OBS :+1::+1:
Triforce :+1::+1:
Ohm Mega :+1::+1:
Goliath v1 & v2 :+1::+1:
Zephyrus :+1:
Goblin :+1::+1:
Crown RBA :+1:
Crown Stock Coils :+1::+1:
Cthuhu v1 & v2 :+1::+1:
Billow v2 :+1::+1:
Goblin Mini :+1:
Lemo 2 :-1:
Bellus :-1:


If you could only have three what would they be? I already have a couple TF4Vs and a Crius v3 was supposed to deliver today (stupid snow storm delaying it). Looking for a third to add and your list contains most of my candidates. Also, already have a few subtank minis and velocity clones. Was leaning toward crown for cheap easy availability of coils.

Billow v2 - Probably the best built tank I own and a top flavor producer

TFV4 Dual deck - just a all around great tank

Ohm Mega - it has a flaw or two but the flavor is top notch, probably the best but it’s very close.


I don’t have the diversity of tanks that some do. But @Big_Benny_MI let me weight in a bit on what @bradslinux was saying in reference to the eVic VTC mini. Pretty much all single or dual coil RTAs will be about the same with identical builds. So while I don’t own a Crown I do have experience with this mod in TC on both dual and single coil RTAs. With ones like the TFV4 and Aromamizer where I build a dual 22ga Ti atty I won’t even put those on the Mini. It can hit them ok, not great but vapable for sure. Problem is you have to run pretty much all the power it’s got which I don’t like to do. Plus it will eat the battery in no time. The only set up I’ve used regularly with dual coils is the Goblin Mini with dual 26ga Ti. That will get me through about 6 ml of liquid with a 30A battery. The rest of the time though I’m using various single coil RTAs mostly with 22ga Ti in TC. I can get through about 10-12 ml on a single 30A. I can’t remember the MAH on these…I think they’re 3000 but not sure. That Crown sounds like a winner. The TVF4 comes with a single and that would work too. If you get that eVic/Crown set up probably best to take 4 charged batteries to work the first day just to be safe. I think if you’re using 15-20ml a day at work you’ll need at least 3.

Thanks for the input! Third tank would be mainly for convenience with coils not building. Got 2 TF4Vs that I’ll use strictly with the dual RBAs and a Crius v3 on the way. I want something to replace the subtank minis since I’m not a big fan of the coils or RBA for them. Need something to vape while I build and wick. :wink:

@john70 the tfv4 is a hard core tank. Period. Get the tf-r2 duel rebuildable and get that one built with 22g ti and see the difference. Awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been back on the Billow v2 of late and it’s still up there with the best of them. Can never go past this tank for both flavour and vapour production.
Duel coil set up, very well machined, it’s an all round winner👌

And I think it’s pretty! :smiley: It just looks different than the other tanks. I like it!

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I think it’s a great little tank and has never let me down once(touch wood). Using it today on the e vic mini along with OBS CRIVS.
The OBS is really making an impression on me. The flavour is awesome from that tank and its in the top 5, for now, until the next one shows up😉


I still use my billow v1 w such a large amount of juice capacity it really doesn’t bother me to fill but it’s still in my top rotation…

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Never got the v1 mate but the v2 is a great tank. Always in my rotation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

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Man PV I wish you could have tried this build I have on the bellus. It is just stupid. Flavor is crazy and the volume is as well. Doesn’t have the airflow of the TFV4 but I’m telling ya man its got flavor like the best drippers in TC.

A kleenex is not enough absorbance to fill it more than twice. But I just cannot put it down. My peach tea recipe is killing me it’s so good.

I got a second Aromamizer RDTA. So as long as I can get on with just 2 flavors I don’t use anything else now. Dripper in a tank man. Oh and I’m using a variation of the Scottish Roll wicking method. I’m using Cotton Bacon V2 and will pull off a strip thicker than I would normally use. Say 10% more. Then I cut it in half. Each half I roll like I was twisting up a, ahem, cigarette :stuck_out_tongue: then once I wick with that I cut till it till sit just down to the deck and cover the juice holes. Not laying it down, I put it where the cut ends are on the deck so wicking happens along the fibers with a more efficient cappilary action. Works great and seriously good flavor.


That’s exactly what I build in Titanium… 26 gauge, 10 wraps at 2.5mm, but I don’t space the wraps. Hmmm??? I’ll have to try spacing them. You said “spaced of course”. Can you educate me on why to space or not to space? Ah it’s probably a long story. I’ll do some searching and private schooling on it if I have to know. Also I love how you said the TFV4 is like a “Bong”. . . Exactly!
And little me could tell I had to put it on one of my (2) battery mods. All common sence. So glad I have it.
I’m quite the shopper and I’ve just been looking and not buying since the beginning of the year. Seems like there’s nothing I really want OR (big or) I’m waiting for something new and better.
I will be getting a 200 watt-er with an Evolv chip, soon. But other than that, I’m just so happy with my Aromamizers, I don’t want anything else or don’t want to risk buying anything that will end up having less flavor or leak issues. It’s also so easy to build the Aromamizers and I have 2 spare decks. The only bad thing about em is the darn name. We need an abbreviation for it LOL. It’s doesn’t matter to me really - vertical or horizontal. I run em all TC or Power at about 24 watts. I know that doesn’t make sence. The Medicine Flower flavoring is wonderful too. I can up the flavor percentage and have no issues like you do with artificial flavors. I was waking up with a ‘flavor’ taste in my mouth all last week Now, I’m good. In fact, I think I’m already spoiled after only 2 days of vaping it. Still looking for someone to trade flavors. No, I won’t let up on that. Doesn’t anyone want my 20 - flavor pack of MT 10:1 in PG bottles of flavoring? $65 and I’ll ;pay to ship US. It’s 2ml per flavor. A very cheap way to try MF. I’ve tried the Cherry Morello, Caramel and the Green Apple so far. Finally a cherry I can enjoy. I’ haven’t made the list yet, but I have gathered up all the stuff I have that I’m retiring. Atlantis, Nautilus, a lot of wide-bore drip tips and stuff like that.
I don’t care about the nipple on the Aromamizer, but yes… That is exactly why they cut it off for the limited edition. People on the Fan page say that the nipple and the vape band air-hole controller are the ‘thumbs down’ about it.I don’t get all the talk about the air holes linning up. Dumbass I guess. It doesn’t seem to bother me and/or I don’t see what they are complaining about. The first time someone complained, SteamCrave said “It doesn’t matter because there are 4 holes all around”.That makes sense to me. I don’t see where 2 mm distance from the coil would make any difference when you are sucking air through it hard. You’d have to be drawing like a dead wet noodle for that to make a difference. In my opinion using my common sense. Too long. bye. Enjoy you guys.

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From @Pro_Vapes I learned that contact coils work just fine. However, from experience I learned they must be very, very tight when using in TC, especially the finer gauge wires. Reason being they will develop hot spots wherever a gap exists. Another thing I learned (again, more true with the finer wires) is to keep coil legs short as possible, and this is even more true when using contact coils. I’m not sure but I think it has to do with the speed the electrons can move through the leads compared to the coil itself. Picture them as flowing water. In longer leads they are able to spend more time flowing up to the coil. Once there it’s like a major bottle neck on the freeway. That doesn’t mean they stop trying so there’s a backup of electrons in the leg which causes it to heat up way faster than the coil…hence the glowing hot spot.

Now I may be wrong bout all that. As I said, not 100% sure. But I am sure about the contact coils needing to be tight and the legs short. Do this and you will have more successful Ti builds running in TC.

I only tried it on the Ohm Mega. That was the only way I could get the flavor I like. I’ll try it on some of my other tanks.

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