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The one thing you hate about mixing.. List it here!

The first 2 juices I made rocked, but now, everything I mix up tastes like crap, even after steeping. I am seriously considering throwing all my flavours/base in the garbage.


That would be a shame. I can’t see which flavors you have, but I’m sure something good can be made of them. It just sounds like you need a helping hand to get you on the right track…
I’d suggest you create a new thread, make your flavors visible and explain a bit what you’ve tried, which recipes you liked and what the flavor profile is you’re after.


Too funny! You all mentioned everything so ya all the above lol! If I did bring up one thing it would be. I hate using old flavorings cuz I’m too cheap to buy fresh ones.


Ugh … “steeping” … what’s up with that ? :thinking:


dunno… the most I normally wait is 3-5 days… not many for me beyond that point :wink:

The other thing I hate about mixing, is keeping up my list of soon to be empty bottles of flavor!!!


Here’s something I hate.
My Nephew went gangbusters making e-liquid and selling it online with a business license and all, and purchased the majority of his flavorings in 2015.
After much trial and error flavor development, he developed many best sellers that provided him personal gain, and many of his flavors were relegated to the “I don’t need this” closet.
So yesterday he cleans out that closet and gifts me with approximately 9000 ml of flavorings.
About 50-60 flavors in all.
But they’re all about 50 months old.
So were I to use them I would be concerned that I’m wasting time and effort by mixing dud flavors.
If only I had a time machine, I could go back to when these flavors were new. The only problem is, the earth is hurdling through space at 67,000 miles per hour, so the chances of me ending up on earth 4 years ago is literally nil. So I would have all these flavors new, but I’d be floating in outer space and couldn’t breathe.


But, don’t you want to wait for the “magic” to take hold, thus manifesting “golden bathtub unicorn tears” ? :yum:

PS - Smoky, your forum avatar has plum disappeared from view today. Rolling out a brand new model ?


Yeps back in the day all those would have been a beast of a load… mmm almost 5 yrs old…
I’d be real skeered to even try… but you can if youd like…


I’ve got a few flavors from end 2016 that are still good, I used one today, nothing wrong with it. Still worth playing around with them. You’ll know soon enough which ones are duds and which ones are still OK.


Oh sometimes I find bottles in my car, left over from pubs bars and concerts and im like oooh lookie… but as far as knowing what a flavor will turn out to be… fully steeped with not much change… 3-5 days…

I do love my Flavorah! <3

mmmm nopes… but I did change it on fb :slight_smile: and I can see it here,… dunno…


My guess is that if chemical reactions (over and above simply comprehensively mixing) take place within a given juice brew, there is are no specific guarantees that (some) reactions might not continue to proceed. Thus, it seems that each individual brew (wherein such reactions occur) might have an “end” as well as a “beginning” date following mixing the components (distinct for each and every combination of components). This (of course) would not be great news for those with cabinets chocked with flavorings. “Vape it, or lose it”.

The most recent time I changed my Avatar, I think (IIRC) that I might have needed to log-out and back in for it to show. There was some issue - I think more than refreshing main forum page. Your avatar (still) remains a generic (blob-like) symbol at this end. Same thing happened to (only one) other member yesterday. Weird.


Hey @Chef_Johnny

Would much like to know which ones are still good. I buy smaller bottles to rotate the flavors with new bottles when they run out. But if I can buy a bigger bottle and know for sure it will last 50 months. I’d prefer to do that. Please let us know. :wink:


Yes, because there are some which seem better than others.


That sun beaming on them will ensure that they will be duds :wink:


Good call!


Steeping and cleaning must get a scale looks easier and better.


And getting the flavor you want but cant :joy:


Not to mention unstoppable Cosmic Rays, Muon Storms, increasing in intensity with altitude above sea level.


I hate that I get distracted ordering cool stuff like more flavours etc but don’t order the boring stuff like VG.


When people/family forgot you existed until they find out their shops might not be selling flavored vape juice anymore.

"Hey man, I know we haven’t talked in a few months,

  • oh yeah, whats up?

do you still mix?

  • yeah, I still dibbly dabbly

Think I can get some juice?

  • uh, how much?

…like a gallon, for free, how about 10 bucks?

  • whut?

you said it was cheaper than buying store bought, that stuff sucked, just like you said, anyway, how about it?"