The Pet Loss Support Page

I found this to be the most helpful, comprehensive resource since Nikko crossed over. I’m posting it for every pet owner who knows or is contemplating that moment…hugs to you, my friends :heart:

Pet Loss Support Page


Noooooooooooo! When did this happen? I am so so so sorry, I know how beloved he was. Did you do it in home?


Yes, at home on October 10th.

And thank you for your condolences and remembering :hugs:


He is so precious! I am so sorry.


thank you, KC. It’s still not easy. I’ve donated some of his things to a shelter nearby but there’s things I can’t bring myself to let go…and I won’t if I don’t feel like it. I have his ashes.


Ashes after 4 days? Wow. Mine takes a week.
Please don’t let go of some of the things that means the most to you. I still have and display a few of my babies trinkets.
It is never easy and I know that you wouldn’t have released him until he was truly ready, even if you weren’t ready.


I’ve had to do it three times in the past 5 or 6 years. It’s never easy, and it weighs heavily on me still but it doesn’t happen to me as often as it used to. It just sucks that the majority of our non-human friends don’t have as long of a life span as we do.
Unless you have a cockatoo or macaw. They may outlive you.

In time the blow will soften. I’m grateful that 2 of the three died at home while being comforted and cried over.

I’ve kept their collars and tags hung next to their pictures on the wall and I see them everyday.

It’s good to know there’s support out there for anyone going through this. Thanks for posting it.


I was surprised myself how fast his ashes arrived. It was probably a combination of the timing and the fact that the crematorium is not that far away.


@KC111 Here’s the post where I announced his passing. It’s post #202/203