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The truth about #teamfreeshit


Bring it… lmao… I hold my own… :wink:
If you happen to have a spare drink tho… :heart_eyes:


I could use one today for sure.


Then let’s make it a tripple! @anon44944642 overload the drinks!! (just not the vape!) :wink:
[Couldn’t resist!]

I’m not sure if I should go with the heaviest bass strings… @adary… maybe a .8 tho might work…



make sure to play it at 25w


umm… not sure on that… Will look on my amp and see if I see that. I dont think so…
it’s a roland micro cube.


I didn’t think you were serious. i don’t know of .8 bass strings


Just an unbiased opinion. It may be long as I’m kinda pissed that this topic even has to be brought up (won’t be as long as Pugs post). I understand why it has to be discussed, just kind of sad that it has to be.

I love the reviews here. I will never spend the time to do a review myself. Having said that, I hold the folks here that take the plunge in high regard. I simply couldn’t put myself out there like you guys do. I couldn’t spend the time nor be as detailed as you folks and then deposit your work for all to see. Takes a special kinda person to do that.

As for the haters, screw em. I’m not concerned where you guys get the stuff, Why in the hell would I care? I care about an honest review lots of pics and a short pros and cons list. All of the reviews I’ve read here state in the first paragraph where the item came from. No one is hiding crap. (I’m getting mad just typing this).

I came here from another three letter forum and I stayed because I liked the peeps, the reviews and all of the honest help offered here. My hope is to someday be able to offer valuable advice to a novice.

Back on task. Not sure who said it in this thread and I hate to regurgitate someone’s words but, there is nothing free in this world. You guys put your time and effort into a review and you get a little something in return. It’s how things work. I’m sure if an item is not in the reviewers wheelhouse it’s pifed on.

Ok, I’m getting long here so to end my thoughts, I personally don’t think any reviewer here spends the time just for free crap, or to be famous and get more free stuff (really?). I believe the users here invest the time to help other vapers make sound purchasing decisions. My opinion, shared by many.

Oh crap, one more thing. Remember a few months ago three peeps reviewed the same item. Other forums would have deleted the second and third and put the users on secret double probation. Here at ELR the differing opinions were relished. Where else can you find such information??

Keep the reviews coming and screw the turds that bitch and whine about them.

And Zen, do the dam review, it will be great.


That’s perfect, my man. Honesty in a review is paramount. Once I get the sense that someone is just loving on something to keep getting gear from a vendor, I’m out with no second chance to get back on my good side.

I’m sure it happens, but I’ve not seen it here.


Reviews are definitely not easy, and you gotta do a lot of research before you do stuff like i did. I actually called smok tank awesome in a review …


To me, the the hashtag teamfreeshit applies to those that are always trying to get something for free. I’ve never used it in reference to a reviewer. They put in a ton of work to get a review out there so people like me can see a few reviews and decide for myself if I want to buy something or not.


@anon44944642, I couldn’t agree more!


My favorite Bass joke! I thought no one else knew it.


I guess you gotta play the bass for 20-odd years to know that one :slight_smile:


My all time favorite is from my first instrument the accordion.

The accordion player walked into the venue to check it out and suddenly ran out yelling Oh Shit! He returned looking pale. A waitress asked him what was wrong.

“I realized that I had forgot to lock the car but I was too late. There are two of them in the back seat already”.


This thread is way too long to read the whole thing. Tin Man summed it up very well in his original post.
I have always thought that doing a review would be way more work than the value of the free product.
Just send me some free shit and I’ll shut up.


You right. This is a very long thread. I couldn’t find the date they will do the drawing. I hope I win something.


That’s very important, I must admit I’ve nicked (meaning steal for the US peeps) your use of funny stuff in reviews because I find reviews can get tedious very fast without something fun to break it up.
As far as writing style goes, yours is uniquely yours and I have my own.

I couldn’t do yours and if I would try to copy it, it wouldn’t be genuine and people would know.
I just babble a lot in my own way and try to be informative at the same time :sweat_smile:


…All this just for a free shirt?? I think I’ll just keep enjoying the reviews and buy my shirts at Target!


That took a few days to read cuz of 3 boys under 5 roaming around being destructive, but I’m glad I did! Nice thread, it kinda split between two topics in the middle but I found valuable info here! Thanks!