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The truth about #teamfreeshit


Nice review, @Laura5!


I have a relationship with Joyetech, I love their products and they love my reviews of their devices. Many of my reviews were from contest/drawing wins. I do not lie in my reviews for the benefit of my sponsor, but I try not to slam a company just because I dislike them or their products. I try to write into my review instructions how to use the device and observed problems and possible solutions.

I wish I could earn the big bucks like @SmilingOgre, im more like the $1.00 per hour reviewer (if that) :frowning:


@CosmicTruth You’re getting a whole dollar !!! ???



Yup, that’s me. The elitist! My cardboard box under the overpass has TWO windows!!!


I know, it is sweeeeeeeeeet.

You get a BOX???

Tomorrow, I might tell you guys about the Mansion Joyetech set me up with :smile:



Indoor pool when it rains.
Hot and cold running rodents.
Forced air conditioning when trucks drive by.
The Ritz!!!


I’m with you @TorturedZen!
I just got the Freemesh Mesh Pro tank today, everytime i use it I think about the review that was “suggested”!

… but I will try to remember everyone’s advice and attempt a review at some stage… might be awhile tho! Lol!

Goodluck with your review, I think, as others have said, that you will do a good job.


The best way to learn is to teach. If nothing else, doing a review is a great exercise even if it is never published. It should force you to qualify your statements, consider what is preference and what is hard data, put yourself in others shoes, so to speak. Think of all the threads out there asking for the best “whatever” followed by a kabillion replies of the name of a device without any qualifying information. In all honesty, those threads make me nauseous. .


Oh but I love the good v1. It’s the best ever. At least for me. lol.

I don’t know but I keep slightly trolling here. :joy:


Well I think you’re doing a great job :wink: …you know, the first time I ever did a review I did it in what I thought was a more entertaining style because I got really bored of watching or reading no nonsense reviews, I am a.d.d. to fuck and my attention is rarely on one thing at a time, so I’m with you there, but another thing worth mentioning is that it was actually you that gave me the idea that I could maybe become a reviewer…

That review has had nearly 8k views now, however…I don’t think my reasoning for becoming one was quite on point at that particular moment…

As it turns out…I was all about the free shit! …yeahhhhh that feeling soon faded once I realised how hard it was lol… :roll_eyes:


Damn Pugs, don’t mention that, I could be sued :rofl:

It turned out you were not the only one (who thought that) :smiley: and so you opened a door for a different kind of review.
BP(Before Pugs) it was sort of taken for granted that reviews were supposed to be factual, on point and very, very boring :sleepy:

I’m not bashing them, a lot of people like them, read them and learn from them.
It’s just that some people are a little more frisky and want to liven things up while at the same time trying to be factual and on point.

You just showed people a different approach and I would’ve never written a review if you hadn’t.
Now think of all that free shit I would’ve missed :money_mouth_face:


ROAR @Steampugs. LOL soon faded is right !!!

Priceless story, and screen caps.


I don’t know why I just saw this. But I can’t argue with a thing you said. A company who will remain nameless (you know who you are) asked me to do reviews. I’ll admit, I’m not the best at it. I only posted them here. But not once did that company offer to give me anything - comp me any item at all. And they knew from the outset I was going to give them away which I did, and I paid for the shipping. So not only do many people have a misconception about the intention behind what a reviewer does, but many of the companies just try to capitalize on some free advertisement. I won’t review for them again, but if I happen upon an item that I feel needs to be shared with my vape fam, well a review will be done. Because for me, I reviewed the few I did as a way to give something to the community. But those who just want free advertisement can go pound sand.


That’s low. Real, low. They know damn well what advertising costs.


I think I had mentioned before somewhere that free advertisement is (IMO) the main reason a vendor wants reviews, and I also believe manufacturers want them for free advertisement and technical input for the devices.
I’m freshly retired, If it was not for the competitions I’ve won and the free shit for reviews, and all the DIYing I do my vaping quality would not be as good as it is. I don’t have a huge collection but I have many devices.
This fixed income shit is kicking my ass :frowning:, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel :smile:


I have to say all off what you have said is what keeps me coming back here. Not just for reviews but the advice given in other aspects is qualified with an experience :smile:


I get that. Personally, I’m resentful. The Guberment has taken my money for 50 years now. They had the advantage of cost of money and interest all those years. Now they are hitting me at an insane tax rate after giving me back basically less than the interest on the principal. Legal extortion.


We know they are in it for the money, IDK if the only solution to that might be to move “off the grid”.
My wife and I make a good pair in our oppositeness, Im near sighted and she is farsighted, I can hunt and she can cook. Our oppositeness goes on and on. Good oppositeness!
But when it comes to reviews, it bothers me that I took so much time out of my life to review a device and some redditor has the nerve to create multiple accounts just to harass and degrade me. Bad oppositeness!
Maybe for future reviews I should track my time and include price/hours=(review income) information, but if I do that I may want to quit.


What the hell? That sounds like an episode of some paranormal show. Some twisted dweeb attach itself to you? That’s just psycho.


I’m not really a reviewer, just a hobbyist with spare time on my hands.
My reviews are just a public service.
Lucky for us just half my reddit votes are -1’s the other half are +1’s, so I think it is kinda like mankind’s pulse, just half the world are psychos heh. I’m glad to be part of this community, I don’t feel the same about the folks here at ELR, even the aliens and ogres are human here :smile:
(or at least I try to be)