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The truth about #teamfreeshit


I read through this post and found it very enlightening to say the least. I rely on reviewers at ELR a great deal. I go to ELR for information all the time. Thank you to all the people here on ELR that share their knowledge and expertise. Most people (including me) have no idea what work goes into reviewing a product. Thanks again and again!


As someone who occasionally puts up random babblings of words, tactically hidden in between photographs, thank you @Penelope1.

I’ve had a few co-workers (who aren’t even ELR members, but come here when I put up a review, and KNOW what’s involved) ask me why I do reviews ??

I can’t compete with some of the heavy hitters here, but I know that I actually got BURNED by a few BIG named review/reviewers on YouTube. Watched the videos, seemed to make sense, ordered some products, got them, tested them, and was LESS than happy. Went back, watched the reviews again, and said, “F this”. That’s what motivated me. LOL, because it’s NOT really worth the money for anything you actually get, as the amount of time and work FAR exceed any value received IMO. I wanted to see something reviewed the way I wanted to see it LOL. When reading reviews, I’m not interested in micrometers, or sometimes the smallish, granular detail, but just good pics, honest pro’s con’s, maybe who something might work, etc., and a fair conclusion, that’s all.


I cheated on my last review, but I just wanted to let everyone know what a great product it was.
and it saved me 3-5 days of time, I could use mixing,tweaking,testing, creating recipes !!!


@Mix_and_Hope You can’t do any worse than me !!! Just ask my wife, she’ll tell you !!!


Thanks for the reviews! All honesty you guys and gals who do reviews rock! I always show my appreciation by at least adding a quick “thanks for the review!”.



If so, thank you very much.


Lol well I sure am, you and all the peeps who drop reviews!:+1:t4:



lmao at far right minion… that lil guy looks nigh’ unto porny. Too funny. As for reviewers, to my mind, some are better, some are worse, after all it clearly takes time and practice and lots of gear to put one together as professionally as ya’ll do… but ALL are doing the vaping community a service. I have very very limited vape dollars, and flat out cannot imagine spending them based only on the marketing campaigns of the mod/gear companies. Bleh. I’d end up with a mess of unvapable crap. I totally, absolutely depend on reviewers to weight in before I buy just about anything. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We heart you, reviewers.