Titanium Wire Update

Now that Ti is becoming more popular it may be time for an update. I’m getting a few questions about Ti and this will help some interested in it.The post I made a few weeks ago has slid far down the list. @daath and I got into Ti early so he can help out with this too.


If you want great flavor and don’t want to spend hours creating an intricate and beautiful wire-sculpture, try titanium wire, standard coil, meaning slightly spaced wraps, not touching - something like 8 wraps of 26 GA wire around a 2.5mm bit - it should come out around 0.3 Ohm - no dry-firing it, just wrap it, put some cotton or rayon in there and vape away. It’s excellent!


There is a HUGE welding supply company near my home.
What would you ask for, I want to call them early in the morning

Ask .50 MM Grade 1 or 2 titanium wire.

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Thanks man , I’ll do it. :slight_smile:
Anychace I could ask what you’d suggest for nickel wire size or is nickel wire not sold that small at welding supply houses?

I’m not sure about the nickel wire. It’s alot available online at reasonable prices. Go for the 28g nickel wire.

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Right on, I kinda got to thinking along the lines of if the local shops has quality wire & I diy eliquid then All I need to do is keep a couple or 5 mods in circulation,never stress another order.
It’s a goal at least

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No luck local, are you guys able to find a direct link?

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is the spacing important like nickel?

Yes, you can’t dry fire titanium wire to get rid of hot spots, so spacing is the easy way - taste and vapor is still awesome :smiley: The reason is, that titanium can go up in bright flames :wink: You can torch it and so on, but a standard coil is easier, faster and it just works :smile: Even torching it, you risk a fire.