Tobacco Recipes

What are your favorite tobacco mixes ?

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Right now my favorite is a straight 555, but I like to change it up now and then and mix in some of my own Bust-A-Nut concoction . :smile:


My own very old 7 Marlshade III kept me completely satisfied on the tobacco front - It’s very cigarette-ish!

In the later years, we have a guy here in Denmark, called Lord of Liquids, who does tobacco extracts - that’s also a very nice tobacco vape!


I saw your Bust-A-Nut Recipe. Sounds nice! Bet it would work well with a little tobacco…

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Not tried so many tobacco flavours, but M-type was my kinda thing, and then I started mixing in some drops of honey. And it quickly became my main tobacco mix - and all day vape.

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Anyone tried digbys oriental plunder? I’m trying to re create it, wonder if anyone has tried and got anywhere near. Thanks

I want to order more tobacco flavours …I’d love to recreate like a captain black wine tip type of flavour

I’d like to try this recipe with some tobacco in it …I’ll have to acquire a few flavours …sounds delish

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Experimenting with latakia, dark vapure and shade today. First time with these flavors. We’ll see where we are in a week or two.

Latakia…hmmmmm. When I was a pipe smoker I used a lot of tobaccos with Latakia in them. It’s a great flavor, but very pungent and not very pleasant for those around it who are not smoking it too…even those who LIKE Latakia will often find it offensive. I wonder if that part of the aroma comes through in e-liquid?

Anyone tried myvapejuice pipe & cigar extracts - i am really interested in those being a pipe & cigar guy :slight_smile:

“DIY tobacco e juice” group on Facebook would be a good place to get some feedback on NET mixing, if you are so inclined. I follow the group and its very informative.


I like a top note of tobacco in my mixes. So, I’m really hoping these additions to the cupboard will prove useful. I don’t mind pungent. Floral tobaccos stay at the back of the shelf. I have a few Flavors that I’ll never use due to the floral note that won’t steep away! I’m hoping to try Inawera AM4A soon, if I can find a vendor that has it in stock!

I don’t do many baccy flavours but FA Ry4 Nutzilla is really nice mixed a 10% in a 50/50 for my taste

Just now got around to the FA ry4 myself. Muuuuch better than others I’ve tried. TPA ry4 falls a little flat imo.

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The tpa ry4 or the ry4 Double ?

The TPA ry4 double is way better than the regular ry4 imo; just more body and flavor all around. That being said, taste IS subjective.

How would you compare the double to the FA ry4?

I’d say the FA version has a smoother and more prominent feel with the caramel and vanilla in front of the tobacco than the TPA version. There are very similar qualities between the FA ry4 and the TPA double ry4, but the FA version wins. Unless my wife wants a particular mix, I’ll not be using the regular TPA ry4 anymore.

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Good to know …I’ll have to get some