Tone back harshness

I read once, that a few drops of apple cider vinegar will tone back harshness and also make fruits “pop” Anyone ever tried that?


@VapeGnarly333 If you like lemon(ade) I used to purchase a commercial juice called FROSTED 'NILLA 'NADE it’s description says milk milk lemonade! (Sounds weird but it’s delicious) just the right amount of lemonade to vanilla. After it steeps, can smell the vanilla and lemonade combo. it’s more like cream, cake, vanilla, lemonade. If your interested, My attempt to clone was IMO, successful.

50ml total i used a scale , I hope to calculations are correct, i tried using ELR calculator, got it all set up and it ERASED IT…TWICE!

Whipped Cream (FW) 1.0g
Sweet Cream (TFA) 1.0g
Vanilla Ice Cream (FW) 1.5g (or VBIC (CAP) or Vanilla Swirl (TFA) personally i like the FW van. ice cream)
Cake Batter (FW) .25g
Lemonade (FW) 1.5g (I had it at 2.5g WAY too much, had to rescue it by adding more base now it’s perfect)
Sweetner (im not a fan of CAP SSweet) i use different. just a few drops
So approx 11% Flavor. Try it if you like Vanilla too. its a refreshing change. im still a Noob so i hope i got those #s correct!


So if you were to double your grams you’d get close to your 11% Flavor.
Whipped Cream (FW) 1.0g = 2%
Sweet Cream (TFA) 1.0g = 2%
Vanilla Ice Cream (FW) 1.5g = 3%
Cake Batter (FW) .25g = .5%
Lemonade (FW) 1.5g = 3%

Comes out to 10.5% Hope that sounds about right


ok thanks ! i was just using that as a reference for gnarly. i didnt do it by percent. but i will write that down…im actually making in the calculator now.


it sucks cause i had it right “in the bottle” but when it deleted it or actually it kept saying water/vodka cant be 0. but im checking the box use ready made nicotine…cause thats what im using. :-/


I’ve used distilled white vinegar. It didn’t really do anything about “harshness” but it did make the flavor “feel” juicier and seemed to pop more.

It was a commercial liquid. I think it was Vapetasia’s Blackberry Lemonade but I’m not certain about the brand. It just had NO flavor. Very muted flavor and “dry” if that makes sense…


Don’t know about that @D-a-M-o-N , just thought I’d do the %'s for anyone wanting to mix any amount. :sunglasses:


Thank you! theres alot to learn!. little bit more everyday


Vapetastia Dry yes!


Ya definetely at one time peolle used Appple Cide4 Vinergar and ecen real lemon juice etc…We dint need that stuff anymore …I don’t know how an acidic liquid would help with harshness without muting …I can be wrong though , just add a touch of a plain cream it will help round edges and give some extra mouthfeel


@Deb50 I can’t speak to cutting harshness, but making fruits pop ??



Alright so since I’ve toned the lemon back I’m getting way better results. Also got the FE Lemon and it’s tasting pretty yummy!

My newest issue is actually letting things steep. As in I am letting them. Problem is I make a new juice that is good and I’m like damn if I let that sit for a couple weeks, set it aside… Then come up with some new mix and its like damn if I let it sit for a couple weeks, set it aside… Then come up with some new mix… Lmao I end up with nothing to vape.

But here in a couple weeks…


Make 2 bottles let one steepnand vape the other…Then you can see if its better to vape right away and how it is after it sits

Congrats…I remember my first successful mix of my own


Yeah I have started doing this with some of them. So I am pretty sure to my displeasure I am one of the weirdos who can’t taste strawberry flavors correctly. :frowning: I kept getting such mild strawberry flavors on all my mixes. I started doingsome single flavor tests.

With strawberry ripe TFA alone at 8% I get a grassy leafy taste that is slightly harsh and just weird.

With sweet Strawberry alone at 8% I get a very faint strawberry taste. It’s good but barely noticeable. I get the same thing with 8% strawberryt TFA too!

Tried FA Juicy Strawberry and even at 1% it consumes everything and taste like burnt rubber or something weird.

I even tried bumping sweetener in them and no go.

So I made the move and ordered some FL Alpine Strawberry and also Inawera Shisha Strawberry. So wish me luck on the strawberry hunt.

Supper crazy too since my favorite commercial juice is STRAWBERRY lemon lmao. And crazy too is I read that normally you can’t smell it either but all of the flavorings smell so amazing but then don’t taste like much.