Typically how much do you pay for shipping on DIY flavors/supplies?

@Smoky_Blue brought up something curious, and I figured RUN A POLL !!! I know for myself, I typically have a running “Need To Order” sheet which I feed off my spreadsheet, and wait until I get to whatever the min. order size so that free shipping kicks in. This excludes special orders where I have to order over seas.

On average, typically, how much do you pay for shipping on your DIY flavor/supplies orders. Rather than include numerous rates, poll listed in USD for simplicity, but comparable amounts from other currencies are welcome. Single choice locked in for a “typical” order clarity.

  • None, I wait until I hit the min. for free shipping or wait for special sales.
  • <$15.00
  • $15.00-$25.00
  • $25.00-$40.00
  • $40.00

  • Other (please explain)

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I wait for specials or I get to the free shipping mark everywhere; well, except Medicine Flower because they know their stuff is so good I will pay for shipping (damn you and your irresistable flavors). It’s not like @anon28032772 says about adding silly things just to push the total to the free shipping mark. I just wait until I need enough good stuff to get to the limit.


Only have paid for domestic shipping once. Got 4 flv flavors from gremberry that were half off and spent $4 on shipping. The minimum is $75 so I would of had to spend another $60 and didn’t “need” anything else at the time. Paid for shipping twice from chefs because there wasn’t a way around it but always untracked to save a few bucks for more flavors


Thanks guys, …

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I have to put other.
Most of mine come from my work and I do not pay shipping for 98% of my flavors, vg or pg… It’s part of my work cost. :slight_smile:


I’m living in Denmark and order from the UK… Wholesale flavors and eliquidflavourconcentrates mostly, and then i pay 26-29£ for shipping.
I usually buy for around 100£, mostly 100ml flavors.
Made 3 orders this month :+1:t2:


Shipping for me is usually $4 (BCF, RivSup, and Gremlin).

On the rare occasion I have to go elsewhere, it’s usually <$8 (USPS Priority).


If we’re just talking flavors and not nicotine and VG/G same


Not hard now days to reach minimum. Who doesn’t love a sale. With Jungle flavors running two a week lately there is always a sale.


I’m outta likes again guys, but thanks for taking the poll.


I do like @SessionDrummer and @anon70102222, just run a list and order when there is enough to get free shipping. I will also try to time it to line up with holiday weekends for those sales.

I think Chef’s is usually about 5 to $6 on shipping when I need stuff from them. I will pay the occasional $4 or less for shipping when I forgot something or unexpectedly ran out but that is rare.


I believe I remember special sales that offered free shipping in place of discounts years ago. Has anyone seen this type of offer recently?


I have put other as well since free shipping never applies outside the country of the vendor - i keep loading up my cart until the shipping hits the next tier.


I normally bork when I have to pay $50 postage, for some reason I’ll cop $40.
Fedex from the states is normally about $70 AU.
There’s not many flavours that I want that I can get locally anymore. So I just order ridiculous amounts in one go and fork out for postage. :crazy_face:


I’m at the stage now where I have enough to see me through so I only ever order when there’s a special offer or sale on. I usually have a big enough shopping list to hit the free delivery threshold, or have enough of a saving to cancel out the postage.

I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for anything, let alone vaping gear. :rofl:


At this stage I’m down to one mix. Over the last year I’ve only made one flavor order, an order for cotton bacon and no equipment and spent less than $5 in shipping. I will be ordering more this year so I’m certain my shipping cost will increase.

30 to 120 grams of these flavors below should get me through this year.

This is this only mix I vape…

Be Like Pipe (v2) 11-30-18

Ingredient %
Black Fire (FA) 0.25
Cherries (INAWERA) 0.35
Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.25
Fine Cuban Tobacco (NicVape E-Flavors) 2.00
Gold Ducat (INAWERA) 1.20
Kentucky Blend (Flavorah) 1.20
Menthol 25% (DIY) 2.40
Tobacco, DNB (Dirty Neutral Base) (INAWERA) 0.50

Flavor total: 8.15%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

/Holds a brief “In Memoriam” for another beloved member “lost” to the “Dark Side” of vaping… (tobacco) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Whatever keeps ya off the stinkies bro! :wink: lol


As of right now, @SessionDrummer

53% uses free shipping…

31% for over 15.00
5% for 25.00-40.00
3% for 15.00-25.00

8% for other…

so roughly a 50/40 on shipping… and its getting closer to half at least here and willing to participate… pay shipping. :slight_smile: :crazy_face:


Should be LESS THAN $15. :wink:


I’m very surprised that many people pay for shipping.