Unsafe chemicals in flavorings opinion

Just wonder whats your opinion on this. I like TFA Turkish. But reading their MSDS sheet it sais there it causes cancer which sounds pretty scary. I’ve asked TFA and they told me that it contains the component Dimethyl Sulfide which gives it the ‘suspected of causing cancer’ warning. They also told me the total concentration of this component in the flavor concentrate is less than 0.1%, as it is most likely a byproduct of the other components.
In such small amount plus diluted further in juice I think any danger is probably smaller than breathing air in the city. But what your opinion? Yes I’m paranoid sometimes :slight_smile:


I too read the MSDS’s of flavors that I regularly use. For me, its understanding what the risk are and choosing. One of my favorite flavors I vape contains Acetylpropionyl, but I still use it consistently. Food coloring doesn’t bother me too much, but will avoid flavorings with it if I can find a better alternative to the flavoring. I do however stay away from Diacetyl at all cost…

In short, most of us stopped smoking and didn’t mind not knowing what was in the tobacco and accepted the risk of cancer and other horrible deaths. For me, inhaling less than .1% (0.001) of something is an acceptable risk for me, but understand if others say, “no way”

To each his/her own


I agree. I do my best to be informed and try to stay away from the bad stuff if I can, but if there’s a flavor I absolutely love or a juice recipe that just needs that “bad” flavoring, I will use it. It’s a risk/benefit thing, I guess. I smoked a pack a day for 10 years “knowing” (true or not) what was in them—tar, jet fuel, rat poison, etc. So, a tiny percentage of maybe-not-so-great is worth it to me.


If it’s tasty - I don’t care.


It is also in other consumables such as beer. I feel your logic on these substances is correct and follow what i believe. Considering all the chemicals we inhale while showering i feel quite safe vaping. I too read all the MSDS for the flavorings and i havent found many that i wont use. Seems like some of the flavoring industry are willing to work with us.

With that said i dont feel you are being paranoid, we should be working with the flavoring companies to make these substances safer.


Ditto on this. However, keeping informed is a good thing…i.e. Forums!

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Absolutely. If any regulatory body actually desired information there is a wealth of it out there. At this point there really is no excuse for ignorance. I spent a month researching everything i needed to know before i jumped in.

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I got into DIY so I will be the only one to blame if I get sick from vaping, but it helped get a 40 year old monkey off my back which I was tired of carrying :smile: The problem I keep running into is harassment from people ignorant about vaping. These are the same people who would look in disgust & give a little cough when I would light up but with vaping it’s like their on a mission to save the world! Geez! Give it a rest already! :smile:


Ignorance abounds in our world as fear mongering has become the go to tool. Fortunately i look a certain way so it is rare that anyone speaks to me, in public, without knowing me. I had an instructor at a local tech college that spouted some nonsense to me a couple years ago. After some sending her some information and a couple papers i wrote she has been smoke free for nearly two years.

It baffles me that people will just spew rhetoric without actually researching.


I think you may have just summed up politics, religion, and the internet. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am baffled as well but I see the reason that so many are so confused. Let’s face it, a large majority of people believe everything they hear in the media as true. If it’s on TV it’s got to be true, I read it of the internet, it’s got to be true. You wouldn’t believe some of the comments I hear as people pass my shop. They bought in Hook, Line, and Sinker, to the propaganda being told to them by the media who report false, or half truths from the WHO, FDA, AHA, and so on and so on. Worst of all on TV you usually hear only part of the story. For instance, this formaldehyde scare. Fox News reported this story and from what a customer tells me, made it sound as though you’re vaping formaldehyde should your indulge in e-cigarettes. Sure, they did actually report the true, and complete story, online. If you read the article online you would see that it was also said the when the e-cig’s voltage was turned up to the point where no one vapes (Burning Wick) the unit gave off formaldehyde. It then added that no formaldehyde was detected when used in the correct voltage range. Problem is most saw the story on TV and will never see the complete and true story. Damage done! What is this, only one case of this? How many other half-truths, incomplete stories, and just plain lies are these people being subjected to and in turn believing. And what baffles me most? These same people who will call politicians, and the media, liars, cheats, crooks, and even worse and then turn around and believe everything that comes out of their mouth. Soooo, try to forgive this woman and her rhetoric. At least she was one of those who saw the light…

Ok, I’ll try to stay a little more on subject this time. I personally do not like hearing a flavor has cancer causing agents in them. Though as many do I feel we should have the right to choose whether to use this product, I will not, both personally, and professionally. Truth be told, if I used flavors that contained cancer causing agents professionally I would be no better than the tobacco companies who think very little about such health risks. Diacetyl, being it’s so easy these days to avoid this agent in flavoring, I choose to do so, however, with a grain of salt. I think by now most of us have heard that the substitutes for Diacetyl may, or may not be any more healthier at this time. This leads me to believe in this manner…

If it contains cancer causing agents, avoid it like the plague
If it’s no more than a lung irritant, not Diacetyl, and is essential for blending (Custards, Vanilla, Etc), use it

Nough said…

Never heard of any flavorings causing cance, but rather popcorn lung disease… I found a case study that seems to be unbiased on the subject due to it be conducted on factories that have nothing to do with vaping…


Yeah me either. I was thinking this while reading this thread.

I’m pretty much on the same boat as most and stay away from diaceyl but don’t worry too much about anything else. The DIY thing is fairly new to me so it’s been interesting taking in all this info and then having to sift through flavorings to see which ones I can use or which version. Super fun though regardless:)

I think that there is a lot of flavors that contain Diacetyl and perhaps cancer causing chemicals. The real question is how much of it is actually harmful. There are certain allowable safe limits. Even air we breathe contains deadly chemicals but not enough % to do as a harm (apart from common Radon gas that cause lung cancer) . We just don’t know those limits with flavorings yet.
But one thing is certain. E-cigs are artificial and that means that they can be tailored to be near 100% safe. Can’t do that with burning Tobacco. It just needs research and governments really wanting to help people to stop smoking. Unfortunately I see the opposite is happening and we all know why.


Yeah, I’m not getting too jazzed yet about the diacetyl issues. However, the manufactures have to do whatever to not get the crap sued out of them, when and/if the studies do prove a danger. Til then, everything in moderation is my goal.