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A breed apart from any squonker I’ve used. Fully mechanical, 3 18650s in parallel, easy to tear down and clean. Hits like a truck.


I left the sleeve off. Didn’t want to deal with it. Anyway, the descriptions and product links here helped tremendously. No issues and it went better than I expected (I can be clumsy and breaky at times). Also, my camera skillz are less than mad, so I apologize for poor quality. Very happy with this upgrade. Astute readers will notice this one is silver and not red; this is my wife’s. Mine is also converted to magnets as well.


Outstanding job there brother. And her mod looks amazing. :+1:


@SthrnMixer, @anon44944642 I am considering ordering the Gbox. I’ve read up quite about on it and I have two concerns-
1- I’ve read about people having issues with the 510 coming loose
2- I’ve read that some people think the mod doesn’t deliver the power it is set to.
Any thoughts?


No issues with the 510 thus far. Easy to tighten if it does come loose, I guess. The nut is at the top in the second fuzzy picture. As for the power, I haven’t had any issues but I do not push it; I vape in the 20w’s. I think Southern does push his though, hopefully he has some knowledge on that.


No issues with either of your concerns. I don’t run it at max power, but have ran it 120W+ and feel it’s delivering. One thing though, I don’t own an inline meter so it’s purely academic. But I’m used to my builds and the vape at certain power levels and I will say it doesn’t slouch. Also, this mod above any other will operate at full power at a greater level of battery drain. I think that cutoff is 3.2V which is comparatively low among comparable mods. Now if only Geekvape hadn’t put that stupid ass 80w limit in temp control :wink:


Big thank you too @SthrnMixer and @anon44944642. 8vape has these for $56.00. Gonna have to put an order in.


Congrats, I think you’ll like it. Mine had a broken solder at the battery contact cup, but I have not heard of that anywhere else so I assume it was a one-off. Easy fix though and almost certainly not a concern for anyone else. Let us know in a month or so when you get fed up with the stock bottles and do the silicone upgrade!


I’ve read through that too and will do that sooner rather than later.


Hello world of wonderful squonk people! I’m considering a visit to planet squonk, this mod is affordable enough for me to justify buying lol but is it worth buying?? Any help is appreciated greatly!!!


Also, I know that some rda’s can be converted to a bf pin, I have an original tsunami, a wotofo freakshow v2, a uwell rafale x, and a digiflavor lynx I would convert if possible


so may 3d printed ones out now but it comes down to the guts, good copper contact strip coated w/ silver would be the caddilac


All it says in the specs is gold plated contact plate…


id reviews/comments by buyers there, FT buyers are nice about posting thoughts. The FS v2 pos post would have to be drilled and its a bit power hungry, the tsunami would work, not familiar w/ other 2


Here’s a good resource as to what rdas can be converted and pin sizes


The freakshow v2 is definitely power hungry lol and that’s without the side airflow open, it’s a windy lil sucker lol


Awesome thanks a lot, I read this whole thread the other day and I think that link was posted somewhere already but there are over 1000 posts here now lol


np, so here it is again…that price aint bad but perhaps find decent one w/o an rda and convert tsunami, the pins are cheap


looks 2.5mm so if u shop elsewhere just get similar length, when i doubt go long since the posts arent in the way


Awesome, thanks a lot