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USA United Squonkers of America


You can never go wrong with a WaSqueeze combo. Good entry level squonking setup.

New sqounk on the way

My son ordered one of the really cheap mods from FT to try Squonking and all I can say is You get what you pay for.

The one he got had very cheap guts and did not work well at all.

The next one he got was the DRUGA squonk kit and it was much better quality as far as the quality of the guts. The Druga RDA is also not bad at all and can be used as single coil or dual coil and does both fairly well. The squonk bottle on the druga is kind of hard and very small but so are the ones on the cheap FT ones that I have seen anyway.

I would at least look into the Augvape Druga kit I think you can find them for under 30 dollars.

EDIT: Did a quick google search for it


ARCTIC DOLPHIN ANITA 100W SQUONK BF MOD This looks like Decent up and comer to watch sure for $30 it can’t be that great but I could see this in my hands a few months after some reviews .www.vaporl.com/arctic-dolphin-anita-100w-squonk-bf-mod.html


I have been gone from ELR for awhile. Life got in the way of internet time first in a bad way but later in a good way. The weather has been not so good in these parts lately first with snow and then lots of rain. I was recently working on a fair amount of excavating on our property. When you live in the mountains of West Virginia and you want a flat yard for things like horseshoe pits, play area for grandkids and such you have to move dirt to make it. As the ground around here dries up work will resume and my time for fun will be limited again so I figured I would update the ELR SQUONK GANG on my journey into Squonking. Thanks @Rob62 for convincing me and guiding me into this method of vaping.

So this is a pic of what I have now accumulated as far as Squonking mods.

From left to right in the back row:

VT Inbox Black Carbon fiber panels / Hadaly atty
VT Inbox Silver Eagle panels / Wasp Nano
Kanger Dripbox 2 / Wasp Nano

Front row:

ion single 18650 mechanical / Wasp Nano
Druga Squonk kit single 18650 mechanical / Druga

For now let me just say that Squonkers is pretty much all I use now. I do keep 2 dripper setups mostly for testing but also use them for a quick I want something different tasting moments. I also keep 1 Kayfun V5 tank setup sitting on the desk at home all the time with one of my NET tobacco’s.

I will come back soon and share my thoughts on each device one at a time for what it’s worth.


I’m just glad I could help :+1:


A fine collection sir!


Just got done ordering the Gbox and a Bonza to go on top from Eciggity. Does this mean I’m part of the cool kids club now?


Yep Welcome to the Squonk Gang


When I first heard of squonking, I looked at the club like the math club, or the debate club; full of squres and fuddy duddies. Mainly because the folks who were touting it were old timers, and I assumed it was a fogey’s game at best. I finally came around to it and joined, only to realize it is the cool kid club after all! :wink:


I am thinking of getting me another squonker, am thinking of the Geekvape Athena kit.
Anyone has expirience or any alternatives that are better ? pls share it with me :wink:


I like my athena kit. It is tiny and the lock switch is really quick and easy to use. It was my first mech/squonker last fall and it is still in rotation today. It hits harder than my pulse boxes with the same build and battery (VTC5a). The only con with the box is the door slop and the squonk hole is a bit small so it has a tendency to get caught on my thumb and I do not have big hands. The RDA is pretty decent as well. I ran dual coils in at first but now I am running a single coil across the center. The only real con for the rda is the airflow angle can warm your cheeks like the DR SQ if you do the purge breaths while the coil is ramping up.


Both @Steampugs and @Norseman reviews looked nice but devices are like rabbits atm. I found this on a forum, it is what it is, not my thoughts but could guide u to research more about each device before u decide to buy.
-Pulse - highest voltage drop, chunky
-Athena - second highest voltage drop, chunky
-Ijoy Capo - crap metal squonk tube, crap proprietary PET bottle, severely under powered
-Pico Squeeze - limited to 23mm attys, crap metal squonk tube, crap proprietary PET bottle, under powered
-KangerTech Drip Box - limited to 22mm attys, crap metal squonk tube, crap proprietary PET bottle, under powered
-Arctic Dolphin Crea - https://www.fasttech.com/forums/9595701/t/2595741/a-brief-description-and-a-few-pics
-Vapor Storm Raptor - https://www.fasttech.com/forums/9628117/t/2612924/impressive-for-the-price
-Coppervape BF V2 - https://www.fasttech.com/forums/9629098/t/2627285/hands-on-review-and-a-few-pics
-S-Rabbit - second smallest 18650 battery mod, hits hard, ergonomic
-Boxer clone - smallest 18650 battery mode, but now discontinued
-Octopus - small, dents your battery, annoying thick ledge for the bottle, need to file it down by 5mm to get a bigger capacity bottle inside
-Galactika Hydra/Xena V2 - small, good conductivity
-Armageddon - good all round, boxy but comfortable
-Squeezer - largest mod, fits 18650/20700/21700 batteries, ergonomic
-PCC Team Acrylic - my first one was a dud, replacement one is better, acrylic means it’s easy to break, chunky box
-Bravo - similar overall to the Squeezer minus the 30ml refill bottle, ergonomic, annoying flashing LED lights but can be switched off
-Aleader Killer 80W full resin or resin/zinc - leaking issues
-RSQ - DNA board but some issues with the first batch, priciest


I like mine good mod and the rda works good to


not sure who’s notes you are quoting but this is wrong. The RSQ has a HM chip. I like my 2 x RSQ (I run them in TC mode with SS fused claptons) but it is my first regulated squonk and my first go with the HM chip. My only DNA 75 mods (SMY SDNA 75) never get used anymore because the default SS profiles from DJLSB sucked balls and I shouldn’t have to be bothered to learn escribe if a mod gives a shit vape out of the box.


The silicone sleeve just wicked in too much juice so I dumped it. Decided to re-paint it instead. Metallic blue. Matched the Radar’s AF ring for kicks. Only about 5 minutes to completely disassemble, which was nice. No gotcha’s.


And here we sit looking at it and think, why the hell they couldn’t have offered that color or others as an option. Nice job, even tho I hate blue for the most part, this one is beautiful and so much better than my black/red.


Thanks. I would have liked if they matched the AF ring with the kit Radar too from the factory, other than the pearl chrome option. Blue’s not my absolute favorite color but I lack the ability (and impetus) to do anything fancy.


I like my Athena. I use a pulse 22 on it and it hits nice with the right build.


Very purdy!


Anyone have a suggestion as to where to buy bf pins in America? Would rather buy from an American warehouse than fastech or other Chinese warehouses, faster delivery times are worth a slightly higher price.