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You have to scroll down the page a bit to find them.
@ozo has them for the Goons. eBay may be a good place to look also.


Not US, but UK. http://www.modmaker.co.uk/Mod-Making-Supplies/Squonk-Parts has 2 sizes which means that most RDAs are covered, they are very reasonably priced too.
I like them as they are longer than most original pins, so after squonking some juice stays in the well and is not sucked back into the bottle, which is what happens with shorter pins.


Thanks, so many vape retailers online idk where to look anymore lol


In the U.S. Fatdaddy is your best bet and nice $ for 3, the modmaker u.s vendor http://brosciencevapes.com/parts/ doesnt carry pins and directly from U.K would tack on 10 bucks. Gl to u!


Start bookmarking my friend! It soon grows to 40 U.S. vendors alone.


@worm1 @TheTinMan
Ok so I got the 2.5 and the 3 pins in my cart cause I have several rda’s I want to try and convert, do I need the kit they sell too? It has silicon tubing and little o-rings, idk what it’s for I thought that if you had a bf mod all you had to do was replace the 510 pin in your atty with a bf 510…


yep just the pin if u have the squonk mod. parts like that are for bottle conversions or diy mod building.


That’s what I thought but it said rda conversion kit so I figured I would ask lol, thanks for the help


I finally joined the cool kids club, and flipped the bird to voopoo a little at the same time #IstandwithTonyB


And how do like it? Was it worth it? Would you buy another? and last but not least can you compare it to others you tried? Just curious.


This is my first squonk and also my first mech, so I have nothing to compare it to. That being said I’ll start at the top with my first impressions; the rda is a beautiful rda, but I will be trying out the squonk pin from it in other rda’s, the airflow is too much for a single battery mech, I’ve got a duel 6/7 wrap 3mm ID 26g SS316L in there now at .24 ohm, and even with one hole open it’s just too much air. I’ll be slapping some Clapton’s in that sucker and running it on my three battery mods. The pulse mod seems fairly nice, especially for a plastic mod. I really like the squonk bottle so far, the fire button has a nice feel to it, no complaints as of yet with the mod, other than I don’t like the clear panels but I have black ones in the mail lol


Just asking because I have a few and was thinking about one of these, I have a few, the og Dripbox, the Dripbox 160,a Coppervape, COV Wraith, and a Vt inbox, the latter being my favorite of the bunch by far, the Wraith and the Dripbox 160 seem to be under-powered and the battery life is bad, while the coppervape seems to have a voltage drop, and single battery mods, always taking a few extra batteries with me, I really dislike the metal rod in for a tube in the Dripbox, that’s what is stopping me from getting a G-box or the new Ijoy 216.


There’s a simple conversion you can do to eliminate that metal rod in the GBOX. I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet on mine but farther back in this thread there is a discussion about it with pics

If you are looking for a mech squonker I can highly recommend the Hugo Squeezer. Doesn’t suffer from the voltage drop that the Pulse does although the Pulse is a nice mod too…


I have seen the conversion on the Gbox and am thinking about trying the same with my dripbox’s, not much to lose, I just wish they would stop making them like that we all know that method is bad, That Hugo looks nice for the price too, I really would like to see a 2 and/or 3, 18650-20700 regulated DNA 250C with a good door/s that separates the batteries from the the bottle, I kinda know what I wan’t it just has not been mass produced cheaply yet. maybe something along the lines of a drone with the options of colors like the paranormal and Therion. for a decent price, under $140 I am pretty sure they would sell well. I would like to hope Lost Vape and Hcigar are working on them, still wondering why they did not go a little farther with the Drone to perfect the flaws and upgrade it a bit more. Although I do understand the big difference in $ compared to a simple mechanical sqounk to a deluxe regulated.


I don’t thInk the voltage drop on the pulse is that bad with a 20700, but I tried an 18650 with the sleeve and it was bad lol noticeable difference with the same build


You know I never thought about doing that on my DB160… let us know how that goes if you decide to attempt that! As far as finding the “perfect” squonk mod, pickings are still slim but getting better. You can spend some big bucks on a custom made the meets your specs, but like most of us, you are probably waiting from something reasonably priced to come around. Heck, I’m still waiting on a regulated Pico Squeeze or something of similar size!


Good to know! I just read of a lot of complaints about the voltage drop but never thought about the type battery being used. Makes sense…


Don’t take my word for it lol I’m just comparing the two different batteries to each other in the same mod, haven’t tested it vs a regulated device yet


There is a lot of voltage drop on the Pulse, regardless of the battery size.
The Squeezer hits way harder and is a great mod for the price.


That’s why I said same build on the pulse with 20700 vs 18650, there may be a lot of voltage drop regardless of the battery but I didn’t notice it with the 20700 after using the 18650 first. There has to be a difference in the amount of voltage drop between the two batteries due to the difference in the way it hit, and the sleeve connection is the only possible reason for that. From what I have read the kill switch is responsible for the majority of the voltage drop, I have read about ways to hard wire it so the voltage drop is minimized, but it doesn’t bother me enough so far to even mess with.