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I have the Pulse 22mm and that has been what I hated about it. I did find a solution that made it usable but I was never happy with it after getting my first Hadaly.

As you can see from the dust in this picture I have not used the Pulse in a long time but this will show my solution to the too much air issue with that atty.


That is clever, I might need to pick up some vape bands. I actually like the airflow with one hole closed but the coil I used for that was like .21, And I need more battery life than that lol I bought the squonker to be my fishing mod, don’t wanna have to change batteries while I’m in a kayak lol


I found flavor lacking on the Pulse 22mm with just one hole open. That is why I went with a vape band restricting the opening but with both holes wide open. Air seems to hit the coil very different this way resulting in better flavor. Just my personal experience.



I have the white one


Not sure what you are referring to.

EDIT: Sweet. I always liked the white one. Looks like a Storm Trooper. I have the black and gave the SS one to VapeyMama.


Nice I just got skin for mine black and white and I also just put a Drop RDA on it lovin t! It slipped out my hands and hit the deck (driveway) the skin helps get a better grip on it.


So what is the consensus on a good regulated squonk mod around the $75.00 range? I’ve been reading about a few that leak, are a PIA to operate, fail to reach documented wattage etc. I want to get one and don’t mind a minor modification or two, but don’t want to get pissed off and regret buying it.


1 or 2 battery ?


rsq ftw if u want single 18650


prefer two battery for longer batt life. I don’t normally vape higher than 80w


If you want a 2 battery mod I would look at the G Box I like it better than the Dripbox


Thanks. That one has been at the top of the list for a few days now.


Yeah the vape band trick is a game changer for me, way better than 1 hole open, thanks for that.


Yup I tried that vape band on my Pulse 22 too and it does help with the flavor.


5 years ago vapers were drilling them out and now we are pluggin them up!



I don’t recommend that thing but that’s my personal opinion and since you were looking for one I found this deal, doubt its gonna last long tho at that price especially with the hype surrounding it. But I would feel bad for anyone that like me bought it at $66 or even more. So take a look here.

$35 and free shipping I believe.


That’s a great price! Too bad I already have one and that’s more than sufficient…


Looking forward to setting this monster up. Loving the red finish :heart_eyes: Desire Design & OhmBoyOC Rage


Dayum!!! That looks nice.