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So jealous!


Have to get used to the form factor but so far so good :+1:


Thanks for the info. What didn’t you like about it?


I think for me personally it would be less if listing the things that I liked lol.

But features I did not like are:

  • the bottle design and compartment.
  • horrible tc
  • underperformance in wattage as well as tc mode
  • battery door/design

That are the main issues I am having with it, and sure I could install other bottles etc. but I should not have to do that.

Tc is never accurate hundred percent I could even tolerate a bit of turbulences here and there, but the tc performance of the gbox feels more like somebody running with a lighter through a snow storm, desperately trying to keep it lit.

In wattage mode the same thing, if I compare it to a regular two battery device I would run my RDA at around 65 watt but with the gbox I need to run the same build at least at 75 or even 80 watt. Again at that price it was sold at prior, I should assume that I’m not being hired by GeekVape to do their beta testing.

Let’s not talk about that battery door and bottle design, that just makes me mad in general lol. I’m happy for people that enjoy this mod tho, but for me personally it is/was more frustrating than actually enjoyable.


Picked up a Gbox from the sale. For $35 I figure it’s a cheap enough entry to try squonking since I won’t go near a mech mod and one battery regulated isn’t very appealing to me. It may have warts but I will try to live with them. If it’s junk it will go in the box with all the other crap I’ve bought over the years, right next to a top feed carto squonk that never really worked.

Also picked up the digiflavor Drop rda. Had my eye on that one for awhile.


I’m glad you said you think it’s underpowered. I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks, my first step into squonking, and it seemed a bit underpowered to me too.


For $35, you can’t beat it. It has its quirks, the battery door set up and it is a little under powered, but its been good for me to try out squonking. Hope you like it.


Of course its a good deal and as I said its just my personal opinion, you might enjoy it much more than I do, I only answered the question because I’ve gotten asked, not because I wanted to trash a product.

I’m sincerely happy if people can enjoy all kinds of setups and equipments even if it doesn’t match my style or experience. So please don’t let my opinion take away the happiness or excitement. I truly mean that lol.


I picked one up too, I had some points that took off another $4, I just could not pass up a deal like that, it should be here Monday, It has to be better than my Dripbox 160, But I don’t see it replacing my Inbox. that hardly ever leaves my hand.


Thanks for the response. I think I’ll hold off on this one. I see quite a few remarks about the under-powering and even though I rarely vape beyond 90 watts, it would drive me nuts and I’m already one basket away from a butterfly net. Even at that price, it won’t do me any good if it pisses me off :laughing:


My thoughts on the Sentinel RDA .

I got the SXK clone for around 9 dollars from 3fvape just so I could see what it was like. The YTFK version (supposed to be better) was out of stock at FT and 3f when I ordered mine.

I truly did not expect to get much for 9 bucks so I was not real disappointed with the quality of the machine work on this. Mine has the typical sharp or crisp edges like so many of the cheap clones do.

I was surprised when I looked at the build deck. It reminded me of the Kayfun V5 only larger.

In the above picture please note the wire leads wrapped around the screws. On my first attempt to mount a coil I did not do that and when I tried to put the top cap back on the trimmed off ends made contact with the cap preventing it from even going back on.

At this point I had not paid a lot of attention to the lay out of the base. I was already told that wicking can be a little difficult and that proved to be true on this first attempt.

Notice that the long end is caught in the cut out on the build deck.

In this shot you will see that unless you have miniature fingers or make a very long tail of cotton you will need tweezers or something similar to grab the cotton.

I got it wicked, juiced up and vaping and very quickly realized there was something very wrong with this build for my style of vaping. I was getting the hot liquid from Hell hit. The only way I could stop it was to turn my temperature down so far that the vape was anemic at best.

After pulling the top cap off and taking a good look at what was going on, the fix was pretty simple. I pulled the coil UP as far as the leads would allow and re-wicked it. This time around I could get a decent vape at my desired temp setting.

I thought I took pictures of this but if I did I sure don’t know what happened to them.

After getting it working to my liking I decided to do a heads up competition with the Hadaly and the Wasp Nano. The best I could do is the Sentinel and the Wasp on my VT Inbox’s and the Hadaly on one of my VT 133’s. This is as similar as I could make this comparison because I wanted all of them to be in TC mode on a DNA device. They all got the exact same build SS316L 24g 7 wrap single wire spaced coil. Cotton Bacon V2 for wick and all 3 got the same juice. A home made N.E.T. of Virginia flue cured tobacco blend that I am very familiar with and vape everyday.

I have been using these for the past 3 days and I can tell you that they are all very similar. If I had to choose one to be the best for flavor it would go to the Hadaly but they are all very close.

I have kept the Sentinel in use on the mod I always carry with me. Not because of flavor but because it is all but impossible to make this thing leak a single drop of liquid.

On a full bottle of juice with the Inbox IF you squeeze the bottle enough you can get juice to come out of the air hole on top but you have to put some effort into it. Yes if you have it freshly squonked and you turn it upside down you can get some juice to leak.

Leak proof ? NO but you have to put effort into making it leak.

The one and only grip I really have with this RDA is the flat bottom on the build deck. There are no juice wells for the ends of your wick to sit in.

This will cause some of you to have 2complaints that I have not found a fix for.

1: Because of no recessed juice wells you have to squonk this one a lot more frequently to keep the wick good and wet.

2: On a good heavy fresh squonk if you tilt it just right you will hear and feel gurgling because the juice in the flat bottom can get right in the bottom of the air flow holes.

I have carried this around with me in the pocket of my tee shirt for several days now and I have not had even a trace of liquid show up on my shirt.

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention one more thing I noticed on this one. If you are a big fan of wide open airflow this one is not for you.

With the sentinel wide open I found it to be a little more open than the wide open setting on my Kayfun V5 but a little more restricted then my Hadaly.


I’m finally a part of the Squonk Fam. Wished i would have tried this sooner. I love it.


Dont know why this pic is cut in half, but i absolutely love this thing !!!


I guess this post from the Vape Mail thread is suitable here too:
Got my new toy today, Boxer BF DNA 250c and the Kali RDA a couple of weeks ago.
What’s not to love, dual 20700 squonker, Replay mode is better than I first thought it was, although I’m not usually a big fan of SS coils, I prefer N80, and I never usually use TC.
The Kali RDA is really good too, one of the best I ever used.
The mod is really comfortable to hold and use, I was worried it would be very big, but it’s not much bigger than any of the 3x18650 mods, very light, I’m a happy boy today!


Welcome to the Squonk Gang :+1:


The Gbox showed up last night! Along with the Drop

Spent the whole day with this guy! Not many complaints. Where has squonking been all my life? It’s like vaping for the first time. My recipes taste so different.


I would really like to know how you like it. I am seriously contemplating it.


It works great. Not too bulky same as a releaux. I’m happy with it. Never owned a squonker and this one is regulated and two batteries which is exactly what I wanted.

TC isn’t DNA level but it does work well enough.

The battery/bottle door is annoying but not a deal breaker.

For $35 (if volcanoecigs still has the deal going) a damn fine entry point for someone who wants a regulated squonker.


I just got 6 bottles from here They all came with caps which was really cool


VT Inbox silicone bottle hack. I know one of the biggest grips with the VT Inbox is the hard plastic bottle that they come with now. My first Inbox came with 2 bottles that are actually pretty soft but the one I recently purchased came with the harder bottles. I am not sure when or why they changed bottles but for all you Inbox lovers that want a simple to do silicone bottle swap this video may help.

EDIT: Here is a link to the bottles he used in the video.