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USA United Squonkers of America


Sorry, started writing about the twisted messes rda for some reason lmao.

I’m loving the Rage. Hits hard and feels great in the hand. My second one is us coming tomorrow.


Ya, I want one. By the time I get the cash for it, he’ll probably have designed another one. LOL


Hopefully not too soon lol


Curious as to your thoughts on the Rage mod after having it for a week or two. I picked up a black kit version with the Rebel RDA and have to say I am loving it. All day battery life even as a chain vapor and the safety of a regulated mod so I can throw it in a locker at work make this a dream come true. I do think the bottle is a bit wonky but that’s easily fixed with a Rev 2 bottle which they’ve already said they are interested in doing. Other than that I have no real complaints.

P.S. just saw you did do an update. :wink:


I don’t think he’ll be doing a new dual battery mod anytime soon. One of the vids I saw said he is working on a single battery squonk with Grimm Green as the next project. My two cents are get one. It’s really well built and works really well even if the controls are a bit basic.


I agree. The first time i tried mine i was blown away. The flavors taste so much better.


With you 100% I am really loving the mod. Yep the bottle is a little stiff for me but I’m ok with that.


Loved the red Rage so much I ordered another. The color is actually a “pearl” white finish, like a Cadillac.
Picked up another Rebel rda as well.


If anybody wants to trade a squonk mod they rarely use for some rta’s and such I posted about it in the trade section of the forum!


Looks like dead rabbit 25 is hanging over the edge… that sucks… wonder why he didn’t make it accommodate 25s


No overhang :wink:

The Rabbits are 24mm.


Ahhh! Correct you are… perfect fit. Ty


Great looking combo as well… reds look good together.


The reds don’t match exactly but that’s ok. The Rebel def does.


No clue how well it works, just thought id share

IzNoGoat tries Squonking / Review of the Arctic Dolphin Anita

@anon44944642, I was going to get that mod a week ago from volcano, they sent order # , and next day said they sold out, great deal, I think it 30-35$, wish I could have got that one for money, not bad.
Nice job on the paint bro, love the purple-blue one. be cool with some pin strips !!!


@worm1, still haven’t ordered squonk pin from FT for OBS cheetah ll mini, waiting to get a big order list.
I might find low budget regulated dual batt. squonk mod there. I have the lost vape Therion BF 75c and have had no issues with it all, reviewers talk about how hard it is to put battery in, but it is easy, easy to me. I won’t take that Mod outside the house, so i want a outside squonker, that can handle some abuse, not worry about getting all muked up.


I know several people that like the VT Inbox but hate the bottle they come with. I was looking around and came across the version 3 of the Inbox that comes with a new bottle system and yes a silicone bottle is included. The price at 3fvape is really good on this one as well.


Also the silver version of the Recurve RDA is in stock and ships in 24Hrs. This is also the best price I have seen but you might have to log in to see it. For anyone that does not have an account there it is 25.99



I have the Kangertech Drip box 160 what is it you like better with the GBOX?
(just curious thinking about getting the GBOX)


I just got the one I ordered and will let everyone know what I think of it in a few days with pic’s and all.

I re-filled my inbox with it 1 time so far and it seems to work fine.