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USA United Squonkers of America


I think the TC works better and I like the way you can convert it to a soft silicone bottle


TC is pretty good. I have to bump the temp up more than my dna250 but it works as it should.


the price is ridiculous!


That is one sexy beast !!!


I have not had mine long enough to give a fair assessment yet but judging only from the quality I am seeing I have to disagree.


Here’s another bottle refill cap



Looking for advice. I want to buy another squonk mod. I have an Ijoy capo, and while I love this thing I do want something a little bigger. Not too big, because I am always dropping my mods. Preferably a price point under 100 USD. Any suggestions?


What about the Rage?
Getting great reviews, I ordered one yesterday.


Now that’s a more reasonable price thanks Wings!


They look nice . Are they big? I really need something not too heavy.


They are heavy in the hand fyi.


Ok thanks. Me and heavy have an issue.


Hi Robin I have the Kangertech Drobox 260 and the Drop RDA, I absolutely love it


Are you looking for single battery dual battery and what maximum wattage range are you looking for?


Just got my Arctic Dolphin Anita. My first squonk box and I am loving this thing. Right out of the box, I threw in a Peerless with a single 28x2/36 coil and it read TC and performed like a champ without any messing around. Now to wait for the Recurve to arrive…


Welcome to the wonderful world of Squonking.

I think you will like the Recurve.


Hello everyone, I’m looking for a squonk box that can utilize my 26650 batteries…Haven’t really had any luck in my searching.


Thats a tough one I have seen some mechanical 26650 squonk mods
but Regulated 26650 squonk mods will cost you some $$$


Had to show off this Kronig Mods beauty that arrived today.
Craftmanship is the best I’ve ever seen.
21700, solid silver contacts, 12ml silicone bottles, polished stabwood door and another Aluminium (black) door, with a Samsung 30T hits like a hammer.
Had to get on their FB group and be quick to the draw when they advertised their latest batch for sale, but it was worth the wait.
This is their website if anyone is interested, and their FB group.


The Rage in the new rubber finish. This already makes the comfortable shape even more so. Can’t put this thing down. Red and purple available in this finish. Same texture as the Loch Ness.