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USA United Squonkers of America



Why must you tempt me. I am trying real hard to curb all unnecessary spending for the next 3 or 4 months but that is a heck of a deal. Hopefully they run a similar sale for Labor Day and I can call it a birthday present to myself.


Sorry? Lol


Just stumbled on this interesting piece http://www.steamcrave.com/glaz-p00074p1.html
30mm rsa w/ series deck option, wish i had 3s lipo squonker to put to use :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Word is that one is coming down the pipe. I wait in anticipation for it to come to life.


My new favorite Squonk Mod and RDA
This is a kick ass combination

Recurve RDA with clear top cap

Dovpo Topside 90w Squonk Mod

Clear cap



I finally joined the club! :sunglasses:

Asmodus Luna

Topped with:


Overall, a Happy Camper! :grin:


Welcome to the club @Kinnikinnick !! How is the ammit? Have you tried the berserker rda?


Welcome @Kinnikinnick to the Squonk Gang :smiley:


Thanks for the club welcome, folks! :wink:

Ya know… I have tried the Berserker RDA. It was the first squonk RDA I bought. It didn’t do it for me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Between the fact that it is a TRUE MTL atty (quite restrictive), the chamber is so teeny tiny (not enough air flow), and the coil is a bitch to clean (every day cleaning for a NET guy)… it left a bunch to be desired for me. Live and learn. :smirk:

The Ammit on the other hand is an every day joy. Three points of air contact on the coil, nice airflow in the chamber, achievable lung hit, and no leaning RDA leaking! Love that. :sunglasses:


Anyone know when the Topside dual-18650 is due out?


You just answered my follow up questions lol thanks, I like the berserker, but I don’t use it very often because the draw is so tight, sounds like I need to pick up an ammit lol


You can pick one up here :point_up_2: with a 15% off coupon code (CVD15)… $16.95. :sunglasses:


Only took me 2 days before curiosity tore the Design Cut apart. I can imagine the o-ring between the 510 and the enclosure since it is sandwiched together and not fastened is the cause of any reported leaking to the board. Spur of the moment dismantle and didn’t have clear nail polish to coat it. It was very easy tho and will do again once i get some.


Thanks for the heads up. Have one arriving soon.


Squonk rocks!


IJoy Capo…$10.00


Been avoiding you dudes. My DNA mods are rock solid …but I tried a squonker and now I MUST POSSESS Eeet! So I’m shopping …Vandy chip? Price point? I’d really like a DNA 250c for that Replay but this looks like a great deal and I really like the form factor (I vape DTL)

Is Good?



You want a drone


The Drone release date is supposed to be around February. DNA 250C chipset.

Have no idea on the TC for the Pulse.