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Wait for the drone if you truly want the DNA 250c guts.


Drone will ship in abut two weeks if i’m not mistaken


Thanks SquonkTeam!


I agree with these statements :wink:

I have a vandy vape pulse 80w (now 90 after firmware update) and it’s a great beater mod, I can take out of the house without having to worry of it dropping/falling etc.

But the tc is mediocre, not as bad as other devices but definitely not in the middle or upper range of mods. But again that’s fine for me.

I don’t own a drone but I own a dna 250c (regular not squonk) and if you’re looking for tc/replay, then that’s the way to go. I doubt there’s other mods that could do it, but definitely vandy vape is not one of them lol.

Id agree save your money and get the drone, or any other dna that might come out. And if you want a tiny mod you can just throw around, like I do, grab the 80w. Nowadays you can find them in the $20-35 range. No reason to pay $60+ for some dual battery garbage, in my opinion.


I have watched some videos on the new DNA 250c Drone and I hope they fix the door issue


DNA 250c in this one also for $94.95 on the link for elementvape



That VTX, looks almost exactly like my boxer with 18650’s instead of 20700, but with a better build quality, the door fit on the boxer I have is horrible, big gaps, and a lot of movement, this one is definitely going to be on my watchlist. Especially since it’s half the price, with the same DNA board.


Have to confess i just bought the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual 220W with the Pulse V2 BF RDA. Decision in the end was form factor (size/weight). Watched reviews and juggled pros/cons. The price was number two… couldn’t pay triple to get the DNA. Also liked the large screen on the Pulse Dual which was comparable. The RDA reviews were all pluses. Shout outs to Element Vapes …under $88 (Free Shipping) I also got a couple extra squonk bottles (proprietary). Looks super popular as many places (online) where almost out of stock in a week (limited color choice)!



I looked at the Vapecige over on Element’s website. I noticed in the specs that the screen size is larger (1.03") than the standard DNA 250C display which is 0.96" if I’m not mistaken. Is that true or is it just a typo?


I just got the Pulse Dual and I like it nice and small and the TC in SS seems to be working :+1:


Yeah for the price the VTX seems to be the best deal the DNA 250c chip alone is $80.00
and you can always put a ribbon behind the batteries and the squonk bottle or just put tape around the batteries with a tab to get the batteries out


I will find out when my VTX gets here :sunglasses:


Been vapin’ on my Pulse Dual with the Pulse V2 RDA …loving it. Temp control so far has worked great (in Ni Mode with some stapled claptons that came with). Love the size/weight …probably would have picked up the VTX but I saw this too late …the VTX 3D Printed case durability seems a little sketchy but $90 for a DNA250C?.

The Vandy Vapes mod/RDA is high quality if not a little Amish in appearance (black/black). Designwise tho it rocks, like how the juice and batteries are kept separate. They thought of everything in this Pulse V2 RDA (airflow rings etc) The “Vandy Chip” needed no tuning out of the box, no complaints, enjoying great clouds and flavor in Power mode and Ni80 TC.

I’ll return to this thread if I have future issues like SS or Ti TC etc (builds def gonna happen). I mentioned I picked up two extra squonk bottles too because they only fit this. Happy Camper, no remorse (VTX)


Just got my kit a few days ago as well and I’m loving the heck out of it. Haven’t even played with all the options yet. Worked great right out the box.


First time I heard something good about that kit (and from someone whose opinion I actually value)

I’m contemplating preordering the topside dual but still not willing to pull the trigger.


I love the original but the dual taking 18650 instead of 21700 has made me hmmm.


That doesn’t bother me at all. I see the use of 21700 in single battery mods, but totally don’t care from them in dual battery mods, not to mention the bulk they have to add to dual mods to accept 21700 batteries.


In that case if its a well put together as the single i would recommend it.
It hits fast power seemed ok to me.
Never leaked on me and easy to fill.
The single looked awsome to me but not seen dual for real yet.
Never tried the tc but seeing as it wasnt even included at launch not hopeful.
Although after all that i probably still wont get one until i have a chance to fondle it in a shop.


A friend of mine got the single, and I used it for a few days, I liked it a lot.

I think I will get that one as well, but as of now I have at least 5 single battery squonkers, and just one dual battery


For me it’s between the VapeCige VTX or the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual. I popped on the smaller form factor (VV) with the included Polse V2 RDA, but the price point for the VTX with a DNA250C chip for like $10 more? Look at some VTX reviews on YT …looks like a smart deal.