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USA United Squonkers of America


Why didn’t I see that before? I’m looking at the Drone for dual battery DNA250C Squonker right now


Yeah that really struck me. Well designed and well executed. The only con is my increased Juice consumption :smirk:


Agreed that’s likely the Crown Winner here but it’s also almost 3X the cost. In case you missed Rob’s post above


I just did some price digging. VTX (which is fugly) is pretty much the same price as the drone. Both are around $110-ish


Can someone explain the chipset on the Topside Dual and explain how it can give you 12v on 2x18650s. I’ve seen that posted on two different vendor sites and my mind can’t convert the math.


Not sure how it works but through some electronic witchcraft it boosts the voltage.
Pretty sure its not a new thing.


voltage boosters are by no means witchcraft :slight_smile:


They are to me :wink:



Ok so its a diode / transistor (witchcraft) dc version of a good old fashioned ac tranny


dc to dc tranny with a few more components added



Might have a different definition on the New Jersey coast :rofl:


Now thats a whole different kettle of fish :man_facepalming:


I don’t understand. Not once in 15 minutes did he explain 4.2v + 4.2v = 12v :rage:


Yesterday I received two more squonk mods in the mail, the BF just wasn’t doing. Got the Pico Squeeze 2 and the Sig 213 squonk. Love them even though I’m having a few issues getting the Pico going. I see the Sigelei will need a bigger battery then the 18650 though.


may help ya w/ whats going on w/ fuchai but have heard nice things about the pico Review of Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213


Yes, I used to have the Sig 150 and I loved it. Until it hit the highway going about 60mph. Never recovered it. Sigh. This one just needs a bigger battery and will be ok.
The Pico I love so far. It does have an issue in wattage mode, looking into that now. But so far it’s a pretty nice mod for what it is. Battery on it keeps on going like the old iStick I had many moons ago.
Pretty happy with the overall purchase as they will be good for out and about. Puts an end to needing to bring alot of bottles. :slight_smile:


I’m researching the best 21700 batteries now. Decisions, decisions…:slight_smile: Great post. Thank you for directing me to that. I’m just underpowered on the 18650. The TC I haven’t even tried. I’m using the preheat function now on wattage. :slight_smile:


According to Mooch, our battery expert, the best 21700s are Samsung 30Ts for mechs and 40Ts for regulated.