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USA United Squonkers of America


Samsung 40T works real well for me, just a bit pricey at about $9-$10 each



That was my bad I thought he was going to explain the calculations and never did. I posted it when I saw him start to go over it ( I should’ve watched the whole video )



The VTX is working real good

The Vapecige VTX 250c is nice and light weight but it feels like quality material fit and finish is spot on. The door fits tight the 250c chip works real well with a SS coil in TC with Replay



Been wanting to try one of those out but saw a couple of reviews where the battery door is using clips rather than magnets and there were some concerns about the plastic breaking. Also, getting the batteries out seems to be a concern as well. Have you encountered any problems with those?

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I just put tape on the batteries with tabs and it works great

The clips on the door feel like they hold real good I don’t see a problem

The only CON
The bottle tube is not tight on the 510 tube and it did leak so you will need to get a tighter tube for the bottle or use a better bottle I put in a



Ok now the Bad news ( yesterday was the 1st day with the VTX )
When I went to refill the squonk bottle with a refill bottle the liquid leaked around the 510 into the mod. This means that the 510 itself is the problem bad seal or something so I can return the mod or put a BF Fat Daddy 510 on it :disappointed_relieved: this sucks because I realy like this mod

I have the BF 510 But I need a good Mod Mechanic



Man that sucks, hopefully you can fix it and it is just a fluke, my brother has one coming and I feel guilty for recommending it to him, if you do end up sending it back to Element, please let me know how they handle it. Just hoping it was not the whole batch.

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I think I will return it for a new one they may have forgot to put a o ring seal in the 510

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I saw the 40T’s on what I’d need. I had just thought of those plus may the S35 as well. Those are rated pretty good. Mooch is the bomb!



Battery price has always gotten me. Lol. I’m not really worried about the sticker shock of them anymore. The 40t did look rather intriguing. That our the S35. I just hate the short life while out and about. Grrr.
Battery price? I just sunk $265 on my motorcycle late summer on a new battery. Batteries are very outrageous these days. Thinking Tesla may be our future one day if they would produce to the public sector.



It might just be something buggy. Even tho the 510 has a hole, it’s still spring loaded. If there was an o-ring missing it should be able to wiggle in there slightly. I suspect the spring. See if it wiggles while you check the spring loaded action. Remove the batteries and poke it with something like your vape tweezers (careful not to gouge the 510). Does it move up and down (good)? Did it seem stuck before? (fixed!) does it wiggle? (defect!). I have one atty that has minimal threads, so if it was a squonk RDA (its not) it would likely leak as you describe. Best of luck bro!



As much as I would like a squonk with the 250c , so far I don’t like any of the devices.
For now, I am very satisfied with my ‘black penguin’ [or even the gmetal penguin’]
Great flavor and clouds. Wearing the black top-hat (V2 = 5stars), also a gold top-hat
that I am still playing with coil choice(s), but good nevertheless.
metal penguin has a g**metal Recurve hat]
[pics taken in the air, not on my desk…for ‘obvious’ reasons]



That’s a sweet GUNmetal mod!



All 3 have the Boxer squonk bottles and zero leaks.



OH MY… what large hands you have! Is it true what they say about men with big hands?



Yes! They wear big gloves.



Damn it man! That was my line!



Nice! :+1: Where did you purchase the Boxer bottles?



Rob posted this link last week



:+1: Good to know… I’ve got that vendor bookmarked… making notes of where folks get their accessory gear.

Appreciate that link to Defiant Design Mods in the Good Deals thread :sunglasses:

I was looking for a work squonk mod… the DD DS seems to be the ticket.