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I have the TS. Both the TS and DS are parallel and you can tear it down in clean it very easy. Also you can run the TS with 1, 2, or 3 batteries. I would assume the DS can be run as a single or dual battery.

And man the brushed SS is so sexy you might not want to take it work if you work in a rough environment like landscaping or carpentry.



Pulse Dual

Old School RDA But with BF pin



Are the bottles for the dual proprietary or the standard round silicone w/tube?

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The bottles are proprietary but you can buy extra

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The bottles are high quality, come in nice colors (what juice is in here?) and don’t have any off flavors …which has been a complaint from some re: silicone bottles (universal type) in general

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For you that have the RECURVE atomizer-
What coil build(s) do you have the best performance with ?
Wire, wire gauge, inside diameter, ohms, etc.
So far, 316L 3mm i.d. 8+/- wraps .56ohms +/-
but it is still not as good as the Velocity V2 @ .25ohms
[yes, I understand single coil vs dual coil]
@Rob62 ? @TheTinMan ?



I can’t answer that yet because I installed one of the coils that came in the box in each of my Recurves. They are listed as ni80 quad core 28x4 with 40g wrap, 3.0mm ID.

The ID doesn’t quite match up to 3.0mm. The ohms are supposed to be 0.24 which was pretty accurate but after the first go with them in an unregulated 80w squonker I took a wrap out of each and spaced them and came up to 0.19. I wanted a little faster ramp up.

I used the same coil out of the pack of 3 that came in the Recurve box and put it in a Hadaly. Took a half wrap out because of the post design on the Hadaly. The Hadaly has much better flavor than the Recurve.

I have some SS staggered fused claptons and I can throw one in the Recurve tonight and give that a go and report back later.

I plan on trying a few of my favorite flavor builds, 6 loop or 4 loop 32g and 34g ni80, a little further down the road.

And in cases you missed this review by @Suomynona check out post #27 and #41. I am reluctant to try any round wire builds in it.



I quit using dual in the Recurve, now just use single coil 316L 22g 3mm id 6/7 wraps spaced hits around .20 ohms

Edit to add I have also used a 4mm id same wraps and wire at about .25 ohms

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I have been using a simple single round wire 316L 3mm id 7/8 wrap 24 gauge spaced coil for many months now. I have tried fused claptons of different wire combos but the simple round wire build works the best for me. I also had to play with the height of the coil to find the best vape.



I forgot to include the review link that shows the effects of the round wire build.

You still haven’t had this show up on yours?



Thanks for the link to @Suomynona review, I had not seen it. Great and thorough.

Thanks @David5362 I am continuing with different gauge wire/wraps. I think the wicking
is making more of a difference than just the coil itself. Seems it doesn’t like too much.

Thanks @wvsanta I too am finding 7/8 wrap single round is working well, at this point
using 26ga , but will try 24ga soon. Seems the coil needs to be about the width of the
posts almost, not short like a 4/5 wrap…if that makes sense. I always make spaced coils,
but stretching a 4/5 wrap just doesn’t work well. [whatever the hell I’m sayin’] Hope all is
well on the homefront, long time no talk. God bless you and family.



From the review that I did on the recurve.

You may have to play with the height some to suit you but that little tiny bit lower to me produces a much better vape.

Thank You and all is as good as it can be and same to you Sir



Ho pensato che alcuni di voi potrebbero apprezzare questi.
Ho altri marchi, ma questi sono in vendita al momento.



Free shipping w/$10 minimum order.
DA ONE [duh 1]



I use 22 gauge 316L SS spaced 9 wraps 3mm ID ohms out at .32



Loving the Vandy Vape BF 80W. Hell of a squonker in my opinion.



Using triple core, 26 ga with 36 ga wrap fused clapton - Nichrome. Running on the Pulse mech and it’s a lovely vape. Not my daily driver but it’s used plenty each week.



So is that 80w with a 18650? Or 90w with a 2*700?

My biggest issue right now is finding a fast ramp up with my Lunas. They are 80w unregulated with a minimum build resistance of 0.1.

I don’t really care about battery life because I carry 10 or so batts in my backpack which goes everywhere I go.

I use ni80 a lot and I want something that I can get a good hard hit for a 2 to 3 second pull.



Well it’s a mech. Ohms out at 0.19 so with a fresh battery (and assuming not terrible voltage drop) I’m thinking in the neighborhood of 70 watts. The ramp up isn’t quick. But then again we’re rather spoiled by PWM and Lipo, huh? Skews the thinking a bit :wink:



Doh! I worked third last night so I’m kind of running on stupid at the moment.

And yes, the immediate gratification from the PWM lipos does make us spoiled. I think it is the reason I have such trouble with finding that perfect build for my tube, series, paraseries and parallel mechs. Most of them are gathering dust.

Fogsmith Mods made a 20ml squonker with a NLPWM 4S lipo. I was afraid to inquire the price because the last NLPWM box mod I asked him about was about $200 higher than a WhiteRoseMod. He thinks very highly of his craftsmanship. And he does quality work but I just don’t wanna drop $450 or more on an NLPWM.