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I almost agree with this, except I’m not gonna



I have one of these mods. How many wraps are you running? I have severe voltage drop issues on mine. Need to tweak my builds on it, apparently. Plus run a single.



Have you tried running SS coils? Should be a faster ramp up than N80.

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4.5 wraps, 3mm ID

I think voltage drop is the nature of the beast with the original Pulse mod. Somewhat crappy design IMHO



Bought a bunch of Desire Design’s Cut squonkers for $10.00 ea and I have to say I’m impressed. TC is a little off but works well once you get the TCR dialed in. With single coil and a Samsung 40T it lasts all day long. Haven’t put it down for the week that I’ve had it. Shame they aren’t supporting firmware upgrades anymore though.



:+1: not just me that think it’s perfect single batt reg. squonker, tend to switch up mods a couple of times thru the day but less since i got it, very cozy in hand, bottle squeeze seems perfect to me and battery tension is easy enuff not to destroy my wraps



Yeah, I thought the shape was going to be a problem but the hand adapts quite easily to it. Waiting on some coilmaster squonk bottles to come in thinking that the Cuts squonk bottles would be a problem, but not one single issue so far. Hope someone has another great sale on them so I can pick up more of them and gift 'em.



Let me know if you catch another great sale on them.



but of course



Does anyone have a standard tube size used for the 85% or better sqounk lines for "most bottles and mods? was looking to get a couple foot of silicone food grade line but not sure of the standard size line used for most sqounkers, like exactly the inner diameter of most sqounkers, I know it may be lazy of me to not do my own research, but I am buying some stuff and would like to buy the tubing while I am there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Most are 5mm OD x 2mm ID
Some are 4mm OD x 2mm ID



Thanks that helps most sizes I was looking at are not metric. That helps a lot I will just order both as I have way too many to count, I am sure they will work on most of what have.

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Yes, I prefer SS. I may just go with a much higher build on it. Don’t care to but at least it won’t be collecting dust anymore. Ha! :slight_smile:

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Anybody know anything about this mod manufacturer or this distributor? I think this mod looks kinda neat and it’s got a dna chip, as well as recessed buttons and a false plate to cover the screen and make it look like a mech.



I have yet to see that one or read anything. I have read the previous mech versions were over priced failures tho. It does look neat that it resembles the earlier mech version but keep in mind the elements arent good for either a mech or a regulated device.



I did try to help a member here sort out his issues w/ the OG mech version but dont think it ended well.



I too don’t know anything about that mod, but if it was me, I’d buy a Topside instead.



I had never heard of the company before, if they have a bad track record with mech mods then this may be no different. @benjy337 I’m actually kind of in the market for a duel battery squonk but I almost never pay full price for anything. The topside is a good recommendation but the link I posted is worth it just for the dna board, I think they are about $90 from evolv.

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Topside Dual at a decent price: https://vapesourcing.com/dovpo-topside-dual-mod.html
The DNA 75 board costs around $40.



I’m looking at pulse duals for like 40 bucks lol I’m a cheap mofo with mods cause I don’t use temp control. I can’t believe the dna 75 is that cheap, might make building a mod worth the effort lol I want a dual battery with a 20ml bottle😎