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Random question. Did you buy the Desire Cut from a post with a sale? Or from what vendor?
I remember someone posting about it and for the life of me I cannot find it. I purchased one because of it and am trying to find the email on the order confirmation. Thanks.



Yes, 3avape

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Thank you. Now I can sleep :grinning:

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Provari P3 Squonk with Recurve RDA



I really like Kidney Puncher wire, and it is kinda pricey.
Been using TEMCo wire lately, and like it about as well.
Made in USA, annealed.
Good pricing on Amazon.



Thats Provari P3 squonk is super cool



Is that one of the cathulu things you added on to it or did it actually come with it?

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Cthulhu Squonk Genius



18650 20650 20700 21700
Velocity V2 Tsunami Recurve
[Goon Hadaly SubDrip etc.]



Still catching up on this thread, but thought I’d share this link:

Hopefully this helps some. :wink:



It’s witchcraft @TheTinMan !



So…I’m still trying to pin down a great single coil squonk atty.

Have to ask if anyone has both the Recurve RDA and the Asmodus Bunker RDA? And if so, how they compare on flavor?

The Recurve is good, but slightly restricted for my tastes, and I think the Theorem has far better flavor.

I also like that the Recurve doesn’t leak (where the Profile does). That’s a major requirement for me. Also, preferred power range is 30 to 45w…

Thoughts from the squonk gang?



Just picked up this Topside, using a profile. Love this thing, 10ml, 21700, thing lasts for days…



Don’t know how I missed your question, Sorry.

If you are asking about the problem with the wire apparently burning into the build deck on the recurve, no I have not.

I know there were a couple of folks that had that issue but they also had other Recurves that had no issue.

Wotofo replaced the decks and to my knowledge the replacements had no issues.



I’ve thought about the Bunker as well. However, many of the go to reviewers I watch say that leaking can be an issue with the Bunker. They say the flavor factor is great, but ya have to deal with the possible leakage from the airflow ports using it drip or squonk. :confused: That’s a deal breaker for me as well. If I’m gonna pay close to $30 or $40 bucks for an RDA… that thing better not leak on me… anywhere! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Good luck on your search.

On a side note about another asMODus RDA… the Galatek. :poop: What a waste of metal this thing was! I basically got it for free with the purchase of a Luna from VaporRange. (They were selling the Luna by itself for $49.95 and then there’s a combo Luna sale w/the Galatech for $47.95! … I’m not stupid… sure I’ll take advantage of someone mis-pricing a vape combo setup!) Anyway…

Holy Oversight! Batman! There’s no way you can use that thing without juice pouring out of the airflow intake ports. :sweat_drops: It’s proper home is in the nearest landfill, not atop any Mod, anywhere. Thus, the reason you’ll see them on clearance racks for under $10. Don’t be tempted… they’re garbage. :smirk:



I just picked up the Profile yesterday. Have been vaping it non stop since. No leaking for me yet so I’m wondering if I’m just lucky, using thicker juice or what have you. The Recurve has leaked on me when I’ve over squonked, but really that was just in the beginning when I was learning to use it. Funny you mentioned these two in the same sentence because when I got through building and wicking the Profile, it occurred to me to squonk it just like the Recurve which is working out perfectly. I do believe I prefer the Profile but it’s still a bit early to tell.



I’ve been looking at the Theseus rda, Vic and many others are giving it really good reviews. Plus, 22mm and a higher deck… looks like it could be really good for flavor. Good price on them too. Anybody tried this one?



Been diggin’ the Pulse V2 in single coil mode (need to get a replacement ring that I broke) and the Drop Solo. Both have great flavor and a very satisfying vape. I’m liking both more than the Drop Dead or Dead Rabbit at the moment. Staggered SS 26/36 on various mods and they perform well on all of them. No leaks from any of them.



I have both.
I couldn’t get a setup i liked working in recurve but thats most likley just me.
The bunker is my goto when im squonking. For flavour its awsome up there with wasp nano.
The airflow holes are angled down so if you oversquonk any juice that gets into them will leak out. Saying that if you dont go wild with the cotton there is room for a fair amount of juice before it gets there.
Also with the windows you can watch the squonk so no leaks unless you not looking.



I only have the recurve from the ones you listed, so im again no help :wink:

But i thought that, just in case you are ordering it, maybe check here. Much cheaper, sure the colors suck (maybe?) But if you end up liking it, can always get a better color.

And if you dont, at least didnt waste $40 :wink:

Not affiliated, just always trying to find good deals for all of us!

If you get it, let us know how it vapes