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USA United Squonkers of America


I was much further away from considering ordering… Given I always try to research “to the max”, and in advance!

Very much appreciated!
Brings it down to almost a “no brainer” price! :laughing:

But of course!
Thank you again for the deal!


For me it’s squonk wipe off the juice that just leaked all over then puff no matter what atty or mod I use I always manage too over squonk but I love squonking


Days OMG… :slight_smile:


Agreed drop dead ok dead rabbit ugh…


Funny I rebuilt the dead rabbit today and it’s ALIVE!


asMODus has a 30% off sale this week
*includes free shipping
Code: usa30



While not officially a candidate for USA membership (yet) I was wondering if someone could offer some “matchy-matchy” advice please…

OK, I’ve ordered a load of gear to start me on my “squonk journey”, some of which I got the other day :grinning: and some I should be getting next week (gonna post pics when everything’s here).

While I’m waiting for the 2nd delivery to arrive, I’ve been busy washing out bottles and giving everything I have so far the once-over and cleaning what I can in readiness. What I need is some suggestions on which RDA would be a good fit for the mods I have or doesn’t that really matter? What I will have when order is complete:

1.DOVPO Topside
2.VT Inbox
3.Pulse BF Mech Squonk Box

B.Hugsvape Theseus
C.Wasp Nano Mini
D.Haku Phenom (clone)

Whaddya reckon? Any combinations better suited than others? I’m all ears and it goes without saying that any and all suggestions from you “seasoned squonkers” will be greatly appreciated. Cheers y’all…


Presentation adds more then i thought it would for me in vape gear. once you get them you might find even w/ a matchy matchy plan ahead of time that u prefer the look of an rda on another device. you also might prefer the capacity of one combo better too, finding a happy vaping wattage to match when battery and bottle deplete at the same time is nice. You might find one more forgiving on overdripping or squonking and one might do better at one or the other and might dedicate one for outta the house.


Whatever rda you use the highest ohm coil with belongs on the pulse mech mod. It’s not a bad little mod but it has some voltage drop due to the killswitch, and it’s really bad running below 0.3 ohm, but I don’t even notice it running an ammit mtl or berserker around 0.7-0.9 ohm


Do you have any squonk refill bottles?
Vapor Range has dual coil Galatek ($35) for $8 shipped.


Not sure if you have this one personally… But several folks above (in this thread) said that it was pretty disappointing (and that’s being kind by at least one account). I know it’s part of why I passed on it…


I do have this…and use 4 of them (at least) every day.
Love the flavor, and the easy build.
What is disappointing about them, I don’t see it in my use…
Do you remember any post #'s so I can go have a look-see?

Edit: I saw this one from @Kinnikinnick (#1354?)
"On a side note about another asMODus RDA… the Galatek. :poop: What a waste of metal this thing was! "


Iirc most the issues were around how easy it was to oversquonk with it

To Squonk or Not to Squonk.... Question Answered

Sorry for not replying sooner! Obviously I got sidetracked and then forgot. :man_facepalming:

I typically use 80+VG. So I doubt it’s that.
My profile leaked between the o-rings and the outer cap (shell). Didn’t matter if it was the ones it shipped with (pre-installed), or the included replacements.

At this point I’m chalking it up to a factory defect. As I haven’t really seen (m)any others complaining about the same manner of leaking. :man_shrugging:

So, now that you’ve got a little more time with the two, I’m curious to how things shaping up currently?


Fair enough!
Aside from Jim’s… I can’t seem to find them quick and easy via search ATM. But I remember reading several comments about it, and I was pretty certain they were here (for the most part). I read several hundred posts over a few days in trying to catch up on this thread though, so I could’ve been confused with what I read where. My apologies if that turns out to be the case.


Yeah, good points @worm1. Thanks brother :+1:

Sort of what I was thinking @Fishaddict420. I very rarely go under 0.4 ohms anyway but have been known to go lower but it’s a (very) rare occurrence. It’s an old habit of mine from when I first started but I usually hover around 0.50 ohms so I can try and conserve battery life a little. It might be the “tight-ass” in me shining through :grinning:

Do I have any refill bottles @ozo? No worries there mate. Got myself 5 x 30ml sitting in my “sqounk goodies box” (aka shoebox) amongst other bits’n’pieces. As far as RDAs go, I’m a single coil sort of guy. Use less juice and less power. See? Told you it might be the “tight-ass” shining through (ha-ha).

Anyways, thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it. I’m off to bed, gotta get up nice and early (4.15am) for work tomorrow. Have a good one. Cheers…


They do squonk easily, which is a plus that I like…especially with the older
non-silicone squonk bottles [like in the Kanger squonks].

Different mods and different bottles do not squonk the same, even
though they each have silicone bottles.
I use an array of devices, and even with identical mods, yet using different
brands of silicone bottles, they require different pressure(s) to squonk.
I mix/match many mods/attys [all squonkers] and may even change it up
between vapes on occasion, or when I remove the atty to fill the bottle.

I also can over-squonk any and all of them if I don’t pay attention, eh?
It would be simple and easy to avoid…if I only used a couple of mods
that wore the same RDA all the time.

I keep 8 or 10 ready-to-go on my desk constantly, and others sitting about
the house [living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc.]


What brand(s) do you have/like ?
AFAIK I have every brand made, and my fave’s are the Vandy Vape brand.


Sorry I misread lol it was late, I was talking about the rda lol


Nice collection =)…