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Yeah… I was a bit harsh about the Galatek, huh? :confused: I don’t hold atomizers that easily jizz juice all over the place in the highest regard. Sure, there’s some common sense involved when using any atomizer, be it RDA or RTA; don’t repeat the mistake of doing whatever it was that caused the gush in the first place. However, there are certain atomizers which are build for failure in the leaky department.

Personally, I don’t like to experience the sensation of being constantly vigilant for leaks with an atomizer. Others may not mind it so much, if the atomizer provides them with an extremely pleasurable vaping experience; Vapers choice and preference. My choice and preference: I can’t abide babysitting an atomizer for leaks… no matter what.


Are you using cotton or rayon just curious?


I use both.
It just depends what I grab first, what I am in process with at my desk, etc.
Cotton is under desk on a shelf in a tupperware, rayon is in the drawer under
the Dillon 550B just to my right.
No rhyme or reason for either choice really…


Nah…you only conveyed your preference from your experience.
Thank God we are not all cookie-cutter alike, eh?
I may love a santoku, you a nakiri, yet we both deliver a nice charcuterie board.


Them’s some nice looking bottles @ozo. I just got some “no-names” from FT. The Vandy Vape ones were $7.67 each and the Lost Vape ones were $8.27 each so I just opted to get these cheaper ones for $4.77 each. Not that I know anything about these yet but they look OK and have a pretty good rating score so thought I’d give them a go and see how they perform. No biggie though as at that price, I can afford to lose a little cash. If anyone’s interested, these are the ones I got:



I go full Samurai! :sunglasses:



Nobody does it like the Samurai delicatessen!


So the Faris has been my latest treat in squonking. The RDA portion is actually really a nice feature. A single small or massive coil is a treat to vape on.


My latest all day uses. Love these little guys.


Have posted this pic over in the Vape Mail thread as well. Currently rockin’ the Wasp Nano on top of the Pulse BF Box Mod at around 0.45 ohms and must admit squonking is really simple and way more convenient than using tanks (for me at least). Can’t wait to set up the Topside and the VT Inbox. Only problem is I’m still waiting on my Theseus RDA to arrive from FT so one of the mods will have to wait a little while :cry: . Shouldn’t be too much longer now.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the Pulse (with 18650) isn’t hitting all that hard. No big deal though, it’s still an enjoyable vape. Might be that I need to build a little lower (not much) and play around with coil height and how much cotton I’m using blah, blah, blah. That’s all part of the fun eh?

Anyways, just thought I should contribute a little something here and can highly recommend that anyone out there reading this thread who’s thinking about getting into squonking should just do it. Nothing to lose and everything to gain :+1: Cheers y’all…


Tip: When you remove the deck from the packaging on the Recurve atty…
twist it as you take it out, to avoid pulling off the o-ring(s).


Noob of the Week Winner!

I don’t know if I should admit to this as it’s a bit embarrassing. What the heck, I may as well. It’ll be good for the soul and will reinforce what NOT to do in the future. Here goes…

I posted previously about finally jumping onto the “squonk train” and how I set up the Pulse BF Box with the Wasp Nano on top. Mentioned it wasn’t hitting as hard as I thought with a 0.45 ohm build. Well, I got home from work the next night and rebuilt at 0.30 ohms and it still wasn’t rockin’ my world. Put it to the side and grabbed my Haku and dripped until bedtime.

As I walked around turning lights off and getting a drink of water and so on (I have my rituals for sure), a thought struck me. Why don’t I throw the battery into the VT Inbox and see exactly how much power is in the 18650.

OMG! The display ends up telling me “weak battery”. What a noob! But in my defence I’ve never used external batteries until now and it didn’t occur to me to charge ‘em up before using. Every mod I’ve ever used has always been good to go and always tells me how much power I have left (via the battery bar display) or blinks a light at me to remind me to recharge. Talk about embarrassing!

Anyways, took a couple of batteries to work today and charged ‘em up (took about 4 hours or so), got home and whacked one straight into the Pulse and now she’s hitting like a trooper :+1: Now I can actually savour the delights of one of my favourite recipes that always rocks in my Crown v1and Kanger SubTank Mini believe it or not. That “Banudding Cake” from @Daath (Lars) is an oldie but a goodie. Only change I made was using TPA BC instead of LA. Thanks mate.

The upside of all this is that it tastes even better than before. Happy days are here again! OK, I’ve finished embarrassing myself (for now anyway) and I’m sure I’ve taken up too much space and too much of your time so I’d better love and leave ya. Now to get the Recurve up’n’running…


So did a real quick search on the box. It can take a 20700 battery. My recommendation is to get one of the 20700 batteries and slap that in there. You might see a better vapor production from that. The issue I have seen with the adapters is that the connection is not always flush with those. Just my two cents.

USE OHM’S LAW of course.


Takes a bit to recognize/feel where the battery volts are at. Notice of less vapor and the flavor changes a bit which can be nice. With a squonker, you can start to roughly measure how many bottles ya get out of a battery too.


LMAO. Great share, and don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not the first to do this!

Generally speaking, all of my new Samsung batteries have arrived with a base charge of 3.44v on them.

This also happens to be the point where several chipsets start to taper off in power (intentional throttling). So it does not surprise me that the initial impression was less than impressive. :wink:

You got it sorted though, and I’m certain that by sharing your experience, you will have saved someone else from a panic situation. grins


Also very true! Though I haven’t gotten to that point yet… I have been able to figure out just how much ‘distance’ I’m getting out of the 7ml bottle on my Pulse Dual!

I thought I was going through liquid crazy fast with the Hermetic on the Pulse Dual… But by resetting the puff counter, I was pretty shocked (pleasantly so) to learn that I was getting ~85 draws per bottle full!

I know I’ve filled it at least 3 times between battery changes… But I haven’t run them all the way down yet to get an exact answer. But you’re quite right in that it’s easy to figure! :thumbsup:


Spruzza with Nefarius
Sweet Heavenly Clouds

Squonk mods


Only got the 18650’s as they were easier to source (well for me anyways) than the 20700’s. But yeah, definitely gonna order some 20700’s (for the Pulse specifically) and some 21700’s for the Inbox and the Topside mods I now have. And yes, absolutely understand and use Ohm’s Law properly. Couldn’t agree more my friend :+1:

Looking forward to being able to do that to tell you the truth (ha-ha).

I think that’s starting to happen now as we speak. Am I dealing with flavor nuances finally? Let’s see what happens.

Ah, that makes me feel a lot better :blush: Thanks for the encouragement brother…


Hello, Squonkers! I’m finally intersted in this after a long time of thinking I’m just fine with RDAs and RTAs. Now I’m curious enough to open this thread.

I started to read to find someone asking my question up there, but 1,395 posts is just too much right now(working). So…

How does one squonk if one usually flips flavors once or twice an hour? I’ve tried using one of my favorite mixes throughout a whole day and just had to switch it up to another. I also test new mixes and SFTs throughout the day, so i have 5-8 different mixes in a day.

Do you carry 4 different squonk bottles around, or just use the same flavor til the bottle runs dry?

Thanks! And, I will read the whole thread when i can.


Carry 2, each with a totally different flavor profiles. squonk or regular mods or a combination, depending on mood