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Use Tips for the Game Changer

For those that use the GC homogenizer I thought I would post some parts I made for @Zippy at Flavor Chaser. Most are intended to DIY to assist with either handheld or use with a stand. Zippy purchased an inexpensive stand from Amazon and I made these parts that fit the upright rod.

This is a nylon ring with a nylon thumbscrew that slips over the tube where you can rest the generator on the bottle at a preset depth for handheld use.

I also made a cross support pictured on the right that fits the upright rod and is used as a stand.

The disk on the support allows the user to insert the homogenizer tube at a preset height and lift up to place your bottle under or lift out to remove/clean etc. It works very well. By having a ring to set the height you can leave the cross support loose and just swing everything out of your way.

As time allows I will make set rings for everyone.

Something like this can be used to hold the GC or bottle, flask etc.


Very interesting. Great idea.

I appreciate your work to let every one getting benefits from your informations

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Its sitting at the post office waiting for me to get off work… I’ll set it up and post pics


So, that Govt mule did have some giddyup this time huh. LOL




Excellent! Looks great!


I’ll admit I’m lazy (see I said it) could someone explain to me the difference in a vortex mixer and this Game Changer (homogenizer) Sorry if the question has been raised before… very curious.

Great set up. very good.

Hi.Thanks for asking. While I’ve written a ton at some other places, I haven’t here. I’m the designer and maker of the GC and I’ll try to summarize and also reference videos that show the process. From there I think the differences and the process will be pretty clear.

The GC is a high sheer type mixer which relies on a “rotor” turning at very high speeds within a stationary tube called a “stator.” A video will follow. This type of device was developed more than 70 years ago and are used across food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical testing, lubricant and nearly all chemical processing needs. I have optimized the rotor/stator configuration for specific liquid/liquid mixing and have developed design features in my effort to reduce costs and at the same time provide a high quality device for DIY users. Typically this equipment tends to be very expensive.

Homogenization is a result produced by mechanical forces . This video by the industry leader explains the homogenization process very well. Please note that at 46 second the video demonstrates that flavor emulsions (flavor bases) are made by high pressure hydraulic devices.


The next video demonstrates how high shear mixers work and also shows how conventional agitators and stirrers can not produce the same results. Heavier materials are forced to the outside of mixing vessels by centrifugal force with the conventional mixers.


Note how the liquids are pulled up into the mix chamber and then dispersed through the stator ports (holes). Along with the “shearing” action hydraulic pressure, though not as intense as the piston type above, and cavitation effects combine to produce vigorous mixing action and homogeneous result which as many, many have attested to produces a vape ready product. Days, weeks, or months are eliminated.

I’ll be happy to expand upon what is occurring to produce this result and also be happy to answer any and all questions.


These are great articles. and very helpful And informative. Thank you

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Thank you so much for this detailed explanation. I’m going through the videos now.

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