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Use Tips for the Game Changer

For those that use the GC homogenizer I thought I would post some parts I made for @Zippy at Flavor Chaser. Most are intended to DIY to assist with either handheld or use with a stand. Zippy purchased an inexpensive stand from Amazon and I made these parts that fit the upright rod.

This is a nylon ring with a nylon thumbscrew that slips over the tube where you can rest the generator on the bottle at a preset depth for handheld use.

I also made a cross support pictured on the right that fits the upright rod and is used as a stand.

The disk on the support allows the user to insert the homogenizer tube at a preset height and lift up to place your bottle under or lift out to remove/clean etc. It works very well. By having a ring to set the height you can leave the cross support loose and just swing everything out of your way.

As time allows I will make set rings for everyone.

Something like this can be used to hold the GC or bottle, flask etc.


Very interesting. Great idea.

I appreciate your work to let every one getting benefits from your informations

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Its sitting at the post office waiting for me to get off work… I’ll set it up and post pics

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So, that Govt mule did have some giddyup this time huh. LOL




Excellent! Looks great!