Using Premix 65/35 VG/PG

Hi all
I have been mixing for years now and finally decided to just have 1 bottle of VG/PG Premix that I made at 65/35 with no nicotine. All my recipes have the vg/pg ratio’s separated with there proper amounts. My question is, do I just add the two amounts on the recipe together and that’s what i use, or can I edit my recipe so that it only shows one amount of the 65/35 premix.
Thank you


Hi Brett,

There are a couple of ways you could do this:

Enter 0 Nic and Max VG - you could add a comment in the notes section that your base is 35/65.


You can select the “use vape ready nicotine base” option in the recipe making process but unfortunately there is a glitch in the software that will show your recipe has an error.
You can take a screenshot of the recipe at this stage but it will not let you save the recipe because of the error.

This is what you enter:

This is what happens when you save:

There are a couple of other suggestions in these threads also:

Hope this is of some help and not too confusing.


Thank you so much. Good info!


Thank you so much. Good info! Sorry, posted in the wrong area.


No worries :+1: