Vape Mail! 2015-2016

LOL. Easy now or we will get sent to our own room again :wink:

But I actually got some vape mail. Largest order of flavorings yet. $180 worth of stuff.


Anyone else noticing Wizard Labs is migrating to glass bottles? Or am I just now ordering the flavors they use them for? Because this is the first time the 1oz and 4oz bottles came in glass. I’m lovin’ it® though.

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Any unauthorized use means we will spit on your Big Mac®
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Are you still using syringes? For me I would have to transfer the flavors into plastic squeeze bottles to blend with. Don’t think I would like the extra work…

I transfer all of my flavors to squeeze bottles. It’s a necessity anyway since any replacement flavors I buy are in the 4oz size. Anything I buy under 4oz is a new flavor to me.

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I bought 150 of these from Flavor West to fit 4oz-16oz bottles. Those are the sizes I have to buy, 4-16oz. Anyway with this I just change caps. How much easier can it be? It does look like the bottles you got are quite reusable. That’s a plus…

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It is going to be a very merry Christmas for me thanks to Alisa. She sent me some samples of her juice and I can tell you I will be enjoying all 3 very soon.

I can already tell ya I am a loving the Bust A Nut

EDIT: Peaches and Pecans is for sure another winner in my book


I keep my 4oz bottles in the closet. I have 3 5-tier nail polish racks, one on my mixing table and two on a shelf above it. I have 10ml-50ml bottles in the racks, which after getting these new flavors in the squeeze bottles these racks will be nearly filled. I don’t have room to use 4oz bottles at my mixing table. Here are 2 of my racks about 80 flavors ago…

Oh, and the mailman came back again and brought me two more packages…

@wvsanta - That Bust a Nut is killer. Save me some!


Yes, Alisa’s Bust-a-Nut is AMAZING! It has become an ADV for me.

My secret santa sent me this and it arrived today! Gearbest came through for a last minute before Christmas shipment. It doesn’t need an intro, a review or explanation. Most know what it is.
Tracy, (tbt127) thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. I truly wish you and your family the most Merry Christmas!
(geek alert)
I’m not a fan of glass drip tips, so I turned one out of Delrin on my lathe in the garage. No o-rings, just a snug slip fit. :wink:


Going on a FA emotions binge had joy now to get the rest im having a tobacco crave these days time to get my hands on some flavors!


I’m ready to get a scale now. Want to save me some time/researching and let me know which brand you would recommend. Which one would you wish you had? I had a pocket scale, but it didn’t seem to register anything different when I added a few drops of liquid. I used to use it to measure tobacco when I rolled cigarettes. I did get a becker this week to measure out my nicotine. I got a 100 ml size from MyFreedomSmokes in Glass for about $9. I did my first crock pot soak with this mixing session (my 3rd ever) and I made a boo boo. I didn’t see the "warm’ setting and I put it on “low”. My juice got too warm and my plastic bottles melted. Luckily no leaks and luckily most of my bottles were glass. But the rubber tops on the droppers suffered some permanent damage. What a mess! I’m wondering… Did too much heat kill the nicotine? What do you think? Thanks.

The Etikcity

or the

are good ones. I have the Etidcity and it works just fine. It isn’t the fastest to respond, but it is fairly accurate in comparison to my $300.00 gun powder scale.

I haven’t done any crock pot steeps for fear of exactly that happening. I tend to get distracted with other tasks in the house and I would have had a very well scented kitchen with melted plastic on the bottom of my crock pot. LOL
I have a heated ultrasonic cleaner coming and I am very curious as to how well it works. It is a lab grade that my boss ordered 3 of for the lab I work in and for one of the practices we are associated with.


How do you like the Crius tank? My day to day is my TFV4.

The Crius is an amazing RTA. <<< note the period at the end of the sentence.
It hits like a dripper. That and the Mutation MT RTA are in the same class IMHO. They both hit like drippers and can really perform. The flavor in both is just as amazing. The Mutation can leak a bit at fill and you have to do the turn it upside down while screwing the top cap on while sucking your eyeballs through your nostrils and sticking your tongue out like a first grader writing with a fat pencil. The Bellus shares that characteristic as well but is still a great vape and is to me, the best looking of the lot. The Goblin is just FUN FUN FUN. The Aromamizer… I started out running a dual vertical coil 24ga Ti build on it but switched to a horizontal dual 26 ga build on it and I much prefer the flavor from the horizontal build. I think my wicking on the vertical build was a bit tight on the bottom and not letting enough juice flow for optimal flavor. It’s wicking like a dream now and the flavor is as everybody has stated. AMAZING…that was a lot of typing. I’m tired now. LOL

EDIT: I can see purchasing another Goblin Mini in black just because it is the coolest little RTA. Another Crius in silver because I really want to trim what I take to work to a 2 tank system. And another Mutation X because it HITS LIKE A BUS! All that being said, I still prefer dripping while I’m at home. :smiley:


I’m the same way about doing too many things at once and getting distracted. One day I put tea on the stove, took a nap and woke up thinking the neighbors were burning trash again. I called them up to complain, then I realized it was my tea pot on the stove that had run out of water. Oh well. Pretty bad - ha. I also had to tell myself never to go outside to feed the chickens if I ever have anything on the stove. I might end up out there much longer. I looked at the box for the pocket scale I have and it says 'accurate to .1mg. I’m wondering if I need one that is more accurate. I’ll do a search here and see what I find. I hope your new mixing device works great for ya. I’m vaping some of the Apple ejuice that I over-cooked. It seems okay. Have a great day.

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I’m guessing it is accurate to 0.1 g and not 0.1 mg. If so, you really need one that is accurate to 0.01 g. They’re usually labeled as a jewelry scale and go up to 500mg.

The two @bradslinux listead are the most popular ones around here. I have the Etekcity one as well and it works for my needs. I like that it is small and light. As he said though, it takes a second for it to register every drop so you have to go a little slow and stop when you’re slightly shy of your target.

My best Vape Mail yet!

This thing lists for close to $500 new. This one is like new aside from some light staining on the top. Can’t beat it for $180.


SWEET LV! I really enjoy my stir plate. For mixing large batches and doing some heated steeping it works a charm. Just be careful, that plate can get damned hot. The kind of hot where you leave your fingerprint permanently attached to the plate hot.

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Yeah, I think it said like 1200 degrees if I remember correctly.

Edit: 1022 degrees.


Because of the viscosity of VG at 70% do you have to spin this slow? My stirrer goes to 1100 rpm I believe and I can’t get it much past 6.5 on the dial before the bar loses its hold on the magnets. I am just now using the heat though so I assume that will help a bunch. I couldn’t find my themometer lol.

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As the mix gets warmer, the viscosity is reduced quite a bit and you can crank the RPM’s. Use a kitchen meat thermometer to monitor temp. I have a digital one that gives an alarm when the target temp is reached. Keep it under 125 deg F to keep from evaporating the more volatile flavors.