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Vape Mail 2018


I like @Alisa’s flavor palette and at first when smelling AS it was steeping kept thinking the BC was to heavy, but sure enough, as it approached her steeping deadline, I could smell it moving down INTO the mix. Have been craving a good Loops lately, but many of them are just too damn Lemon Pledgey, so I was anxious to try hers and yours.


I have both of these, although I’d been using the dead rabbit for the squonk, but the bonza was definitely my favourite rda, until yesterdays vape mail.

Great flavour and heaps of clouds. :+1: Don’t forget the guy that designed love his youtube vids.

I’m gonna swap the bonza on to Gbox, but I think I need more batteries, with all the mods I’ve bought so far.


@MisterSinner I believe I just overheard my wife saying, “Who is that, and you’d better tell him, you’re never going to retire if you keep reading his posts”.



@MisterSinner I don’t own any TM, but I really like the knurling on the top plate on that, very good looking, and the blue pushes it over the top.


ive always let hers steep for 2 weeks min , and shes the one her steered me to FW fruit rings the cap silverline really helps the lemon notes settle and the cheesecake crust and the AP or whatever it is helps replace the need for AP but both recipes are very different


The design is great. The color sold me right away. I really couldn’t resist with the Easter discount.


I guess I’m one of the old TPA hold outs, because I love their flavor, but I’ve never found a way to tame the Pledge out of it, but just kept trying. I’m anxious to try the FW method.


The way I have it setup, I’m getting pretty good flavor. Kind of surprised too because this thing is definitely a cloud chucker. Ive closed 2 of the 5 rows of air off and raised the coils so that the air is hitting the bottom side of the coils. So far, I’m really enjoying the vape off it.
As far as the Gbox, I hate that my batteries come out when I have to fill my bottle.


What do you think of the Flavorah Blueberry?


They were out of the 10 and 30ml last Monday. I’m always that lucky, gets restocked 5 hrs after I place orders, I hate giving the post office money lol


Honestly I bought it on mistake LOL, as I had meant to get the FW Blueberry, but now that I’m smelling it, it actually smells pretty good.


Don’t feel bad, got the WRONG blueberry, and DID place an entirely 2nd order, JUST for the RIGHT blueberry.



Thank god I’ve never seen that on any of my 18650s (LG, Samsung, Sony) That would just be giving me ideas… :man_scientist:


My latest vapemail. I finally decided to plan a room for my DIY! I went with a wire wall hanger for my bottles. This holds 100 30ml bottles.


That knurling is beautiful :heart_eyes:

(Four words I NEVER expected to come out of my mouth, like ever :laughing:)


Do you have a link for this item please?


Sure do :). Its comes with the hardware to mount it. Its a really sturdy holder! In fact I’m gonna get another one.
Amazon.com : Pana Professional Wall-Mounted Sturdy Metal Frame Nail Polish Rack Display Organizer (Holds Up to 100 Bottles) (Silver) : Beauty https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Wall-Mounted-Display-Organizer-Bottles/dp/B01LWNIDOZ


Well my buddy was able to quit smoking and gave me a great deal on all his vape stuff!!:man_scientist:t2::grinning:


But wait… if I order a few more flavours I’ll get free postage :crazy_face:. at this place too.

Oh yeah, I made free postage, hang on I want that one too, I’ll just tell the mrs I got her favourite flavour coming this week.

So one delivery this week is for you, OK. :rofl:


This little baby sqonk was on it’s way to the island of misfit toys because it couldn’t to TC. Ogre to the rescue!!!