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Vape Mail 2018


Sorry to bother you again. About the gtrs, how’s the battery door? I found some complaints online about the battery door a bit loose and some online vendors selling the gtrs battery door 2.0 version to replace the battery door.


No drama at all, ask away anything that I’ve figured out I’ll share…

Just had a play with it now, I didn’t read any comments about the door, but you sort of have to pull it straight out and then up at an angle. If that makes sense. This also helps lock it in place I think.

On second look there is a reasonable amount of movement side to side if it is fully open, but if your careful, it doesn’t matter and when it’s locked shut it doesn’t move.

It feels solid and I’m very happy with it all round, with what I figured out so far. Heaps of settings to go through.


Here is a pic of the door, not sure if it’s clear but if you can see in the first pic I’m putting pressure one way, this is what gives the movement.

And in this one see the gap is even, but like I said once you lock it in, it’s all good. :+1:

There might be some rough buggers with sledge hammers for fingers out there. :rofl:


Some advocacy items from @LiquidBarn Love the designs :+1:



The version 1 has the ‘bad’ battery door and was not meant to be sold to the public - I have sold a few of them and all have been v2


Easier for different flavours, since this weeks vape mail.

Already researching more hardware, there never seems to be enough.

I’m gonna be sleeping in the car soon. :pensive:


Like the look of the new bottles from @Nicotine_River (and thanks for the assistance the other day also!)


Really enjoy vaping in my truck when I’m out and about waiting. To met with a client or waiting on wife to get rhu shopping at Walmart… But there only one thing better than vaping in my truck while waiting on someone… and that’s…

Watching a movie while vaping in the truck ! Just came in mail today from amazon.I just had to halfway install it. Still have to connect it to reverse , the backup camera, iPhone video adapter and secondary monitor… but did bypass the parking break so my two yr can watch pj mask while I’m driving.

Okay not the traditional vape mail but I’m going to enjoy vaping while watching a movie.


Thanks @Doris_2Fdeal for the fast shipping! I can’t wait to play with both of these!


You will enjoy the maze the flavour is fantastic - be really careful to keep it topped up the dry hits are epic with very little warning


Let us know how you like it. I was planning on giving the maze a try, as well as trying some mesh atties but I’m scared lol. I don’t trust YouTube reviews much, better read from forum members and their opinion after they actually tried it longer than 5 minutes, before jumping on the hype train.


@Jazzy_girl Somehow I missed the ONE bottle in that pic LOL. Going to be fun filling that one up for sure !!!


I can honestly say that I Love my V.V. Mesh rta, it is great with S.S. mesh, easy easy to wick, excellent FLAVOR
I vape 30-60 watts, is my norm. But I do have to crank the Mesh up to 60-90 to where I like it, well worth the money. And it is great for testing new flavors, just vape it dry and test another and another, I can test 10-20-30 flavors or mixes with one wick. Just buy it, you won’t regret it !!


I am looking to buy some Flavorah, I have about 7 of them, and I want some more, any body know where? My Flavor cabinet still has some room left, after I take some of my mixes out and put somewhere else.


The mrs needed more coils this accidently came too.:joy:

But where is my other parcel, it’s coming today too.


I filled it up already :). Its so much easier to mix now!!! I love it!! So much better than the bins I was using! I think I need one more.

Theres a few missing due to my AM mixing session


JUST one more? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks for the info. I figured I’d watch a few videos before giving it a try. I’ll let you know what I think sometime today or tomorrow. I’m hoping to get a chance to watch some videos today.


Thats what I say every time I order new flavors too…lol. I’m gonna end up with three or four more maybe
I actually have enough flavors to fill another one plus a big bin of my large bottles


More mail, I thought I’d get some pretty flowers, something a bit different.