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Vape Mail 2018


I had to get a quick pic but it’s higher on the wall now. Lol


Wizard labs…


It smells exactly like apple jacks :wink:


I actually got the idea from another mixer and thought it was great too! I like that it has a stand and the tops screw on, not just a push plug. Price isnt too bad either :slight_smile:


I got my Paranormal DNA250C today…


@Pro_Vapes That sure does look sexy. Is that the Red Scarlett finish ?


Kind of a scarlett and black marbled finish…


Medicine Flower order came in today. Free samples of Watermelon and Dark Chocolate. Winning!


ahh that mandarin looks refreshing and you know i love the lemon and watermelon which i need more watermelon but im on a flavor buying freeze except the new Cap SL apple snax lol


Let me know what you think after you’ve and it a few days.


The lemon I got because it got such good reviews and I’m hoping it doesn’t fade like most lemons seem to do. I’m really interested in the mint. I want to try to make a mojito juice so I thought it might work well. The watermelon I have high hopes for. Most watermelons just haven’t worked for me. The dark chocolate, not so sure. I like warm to hot vapes so I’m afraid my vaping style may ruin it.


I think you won’t be disappointed in the lemon.


They come prefilled with DNA? That would save us much work


Waste not want not. :slight_smile:


The MooPoo prefilled pods now in pre-order.


Thanks @Vapesourcing

It’s a cool yellow



I have 3 TM rda’s and I want that one ( real bad ) In my honest and not so humble opinion they are the best.


Picked up some dik’s while I still could, came pretty fast from Italy.


Too much peer pressure lol.