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Vape Mail 2018


Jackpot, Nice haul,


Ain’t nothing quite like making the payments LOL.


Get ready to review this, got 2 more coil profiles I want to put in, about a week I will have it ready. I’m very happy with this. I won it from @Heaven_Gifts , OBS Crius 2 RTA Dual Coil.


Hey we don’t get but one time around !!! Enjoy will and when you can, I’m Jealous !!!


@Mix_and_Hope Do you have a great flavor RTA you can compare that OBS to ? I have a much older OBS but the flavors seemed off, and wonder what your thoughts are on this one.


I have the OBS Engine, but it won’t hold a candle to this RTA, I have been comparing to the Smok TF-RTA G4, and pretty much close, The Crius airflow is like a soft summer breeze, smooth as silk, no matter where you put it. The Flavor is 8/10, absolute no leaks, super easy to build and wick, excellent fit and finish,. but with this style deck, I really have not got anything to compare, with a solid wall in the middle, which is a good thing,.


@Mix_and_Hope LOL, I’m a OBS n00b, that’s the one I have. Thank you.

I think I may have to add THAT to the list then.


for the money under 35$, it is a steal, absolute steal, I have bought 75-85$ RTA’s that can’t touch this. !!!


Are they going somewhere?


@Cutlass92, see here:



Yeah, I read that and wondered if he didn’t simply misunderstand, or if he was banking on picking some up in case Italy decided not to continue to make them.

In either case, nice score… But to my understanding, so far anyways, there’s been NO reported threat of them disappearing at the source (Italy).

FA NA decided for the USA that “we aren’t worthy”. Not FA proper.

Hopefully we can get a more open minded leadership in place at FA NA soon, but I’m not going to hold my breath.


@Cutlass92 You never know . …


They won’t be going in Europe… I’m sure there are enough friendly people here who could ship it through in case you guys need some :wink:


@fidalgo_vapes @Jazzy_girl

Well, my husband stopped vaping about 18 months ago, and keeps stealing it from me that tells you anything.

So far I’m loving it!!! Build is high quality, not painted. It feels anodized so hopefully no chipping. Feels fantastic in the hand Surprisingly it’s very hefty. Similar to the weight of a small Mag flashlight heavy. Feels great in the hand, very comfortable. The button is quiet but clicky, and the texture prevents slipping. Battery door is knurled well so easy to use.

Hits pretty hard at 42w, very dense vapor and prolific vapor, I was honestly surprised. Very simple and easy interface for changing modes. I don’t vape TC, so I can’t say how good or bad that works, but it’s a nice hitting device in power mode. Not sure how to explain it, but it hits harder at 41W than my Fuchia does. Not sure why, maybe the board?

So far the only con I have is the flavor. It’s not really a con, just not as good in comparison to the 3. It’s very good, but the Crown 3 has a slight edge for flavor. It’s still very good though, and it gets better after the first tank. That is with the installed coil. I’ll let you know if the other coil is the same when this one burns out. As well as the longevity. My Cascade fits flush on it as well and look beautiful, but the Nunchaku tank is such a smooth draw and the density of the vapor is so satisfying I keep reaching for it. The Crown 3 fits a little smaller on it (diameter) but still looks ok as the top is finished with the same color as the mod, just not shiny.

For comparison:

Nunchaku single battery and tank installed weighs 7.8 oz.
Sigelei Fuchia 213 dual batteries AND Cascade tank installed is 11oz.

So yeah, not a review, just my opinions. I want 2 more of these in other colors :smiley: cause you guys wanted to know.


awesome im sold i was a bit worried bc uwell has been known to hit it out of the park or completely strike out and for the price i needed to hear a trusted opinion so ty


All I could concentrate on were the shiny table top and the “earn free pizza” advertising in the back LoL. But thanks for sharing I might just blur that picture out and actually concentrate on the review. I do like that rainbow tank that’s on the other mod tho :wink:


Ohhhh, do tell? Did you post your notes o n the FLV thread? I’ll go searching :slight_smile:

Thank you, off to check those out too, I’ve also been curious.

I think I’m reading the wrong thread, it’s not working well with my no new flavors rule :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I’m just window shopping :innocent:

Gorgeous device!!!

That is really cool. I have small 8ml glass vials. I would love one of those in glass!!! Or a few with how many SF tests I have going. Hate the cleaning…hate hate…or maybe get a cheap bag of them and toss instead of using …hmmm. Thank you :slight_smile:


I do too. Vaporesso Cascade…flavor is Stellar. Only been using it a few weeks so far though.

EDIT: it also looks pretty on the Nunchaku as well :star_struck:


/hangs head in shame

No ma’am. I should have… But I’ll work on that.
Besides, it’ll give me a reason to mix up another batch “to confirm my thoughts” (since I really don’t want to go from memory after only one test pair under the belt) :wink:

Though I’ll give a “preview” here:
Mixed two 15ml test samples (2% & 4%)
To say 2% was “full flavored” would be a bit of an understatement. 4% was obviously a major overshoot.

I’ll probably mix three on the next go 'round: 0.5%, 1%, and 1.5%.

What impressed me the most I believe was the accuracy of the profile. I instantly thought “Yes . This reminds me of pound cake!”

On another note, huge thanks to @juice_junkie_lover for “multiple smiles”! :wink:


That strong hmmm. At least it’s worth the money :slight_smile:

I’ll keep my eye on the FLV tasting notes thread for your resuts…mwahahahah