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Vape Mail 2018


Thank you! I’m getting one for sure! Looks like a great little mod. I may have to pick up one for my hubby too. He might have some mod envy when he sees mine :sweat_smile:


Probs why I didn’t get much from it - maybe it muted :thinking:. Will retest at 1% - thanks for the heads up petal :kissing_smiling_eyes:


First mail of the week. Just waiting on the rest. :rofl:


Nice looking order there @marsh855.


Thanks, there’s another 10 flavours I’m also waiting to be delivered, and of course I forgot one flavour that I wanted for a recipe. Might just put another order in, gotta make free shipping too. :crazy_face:

200 flavours in 3 months, I’m absolutely nuts. :rofl:


I got one of them there AA MODS… not stuttering it runs on 2 Double A batteries

Joyetech BATPACK
What will they think of next?


Got this one today. Guess I need to mix some juice and try it out :slight_smile:


I use pipettes all over the house, $15.


Damn… I haven’t seen those in quite a while. LMAO!


Wow, tiny little thing ain’t it? How well does it work?


It is not a cloud maker, it is constant longlife low-power designed for high nic salt e-juice. it is consistent and seems to last a long time on each charge.
the airflow is fixed and I think it is between MTL and DL, so it works either way.



I ordered a Smok Pro color mod for 20 bucks. After my order was placed they realized they didn’t have any in stock! Sooo they asked if id like a Smok Majesty!! Well heck yeah!! Got it at no extra charge. Thank you Volcano E Cigs!!! Excellent customer service :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I got this discount card in the package if anyone wants to try these out. Half off :grinning::stuck_out_tongue:


And I was thinking of ordering one from them.


I would definitely order from them again! They had great customer service and had the mod shipped super fast!! They really gave me a great replacement deal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got a sweet package from nic river I’m excited to try the pazzo queen and try my hand at the lemon tart, blueberry jam monster and mix up some MUM


@Awakenow2 That’s a nice looking haul you got there !!!


Why thank you :pray: I just whipped up about 2400ml of a few of my favorites and pazzo queen one shot I believe @Mark_Turner is correct it is yum berry


Wow, that’s a commitment !!!

I don’t know what MUM is, but it has me curious. Lemon Tart I could drink out of a beer mug, Pazzo Queen I haven’t tried yet. I sure DO like the big bottle JUGS though !!!