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Vape Mail 2018


I don’t fug around, MUM is mothers unicorn milk it’s really good and I sell juice to friends and family $5 for 30ml and always run out so I went with pints this time. The lemon tart is a great snv


Ahhhhhh Mother’s !!!


NicRiver order came in today. Officially into the 4oz club.


I looked up the MUM recipe, interesting. Is it really that good?


Have you tried it?


It is a favorite of mine and other people that I let try it love it too. It’s the one I always run out of first. I use tfa vbic instead of custard. One of my adv in rotation


I went through 150ml as my ADV of MUM before I went to another one. It’s very good IMO.


Eleaf iStick Pico baby
Review to come


I totally read that in an Austin Powers voice…


Lol i hear ya :joy_cat: :joy: :rofl:


Which recipe is it? I’d like to try it :heart_eyes:


This is the one that I made. At the time I only had Lorann Bavarian Cream so I used that and I liked it so much I never made it without it. Looking at the number of positive ratings, I’m going to assume that TPA Bavarian Cream works.


My mail today. Did have a hard time getting the bubble glasses for my kylin mini’s , at the end it worked out! And couple flavors I wanted to try (vt - from bcf), couple restocks from NR


I really love LA Bavarian cream too! I’m going to try it out. Did u use it at the same % at the tpa?
Oh wow i just noticed its 26%! That’s a little too much for me. I’m gonna try n tweek the numbers for under 20%


Just my preference but i generally used LA’s at about 1/2 as TPA’s. Its pretty strong.


Won the this in a recent giveaway by @Heaven_Gifts, and it just arrived today. Gotta hand it to them, that is record breaking super fast delivery from China.


They also included a full set of all the side panels so I can choose and change how it looks myself, which I thought was a nice touch and an unexpected extra.


I don’t have my notebook handy but I’m pretty sure I used 2.5% of the LorAnn and I went with a 3% TPA Strawberry and 4% Cap Sweet Strawberry combo on the second mix and it came out a little less syrupy. A lot of the people I make it for love it at the original percentages and strawberry flavorings.


Oh yeah…got the plus in. I probably won’t build it till the weekend😪 but she is getting a wash today.

Ordered from subtank supply on Saturday and received it today in my mail box. USPS. Very impressed they shipped same day.


Welcome to Team Steam @Chrispdx !!!


Also the guys DO rock over at …