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Vape Mail 2018


Wonder what would happen if I transfer to my PET needle tip mixing bottles?


Gold, pure gold. good stuff there!


Only hazarding a guess here, but given the note on the sticker… I’d bet these are the flavors containing alcohol (that they mention on the MF website about “certain flavors”). I’m betting they interact negatively with the rubber dropper cap.

I’ll have to dig out my lemon and see though!
Doh! Make that orange too!


@Sprkslfly Interesting, I hadn’t thought of that. I had thought, maybe they were prone to diminish sitting in the dropper bottles, but not capped ?? I think your guess is better.


The last bottles i got were from EcigX and they came in 5ml PETs, no issues with them at all not even with the tip.

15ml will last a VERY long time.


Did you get around to trying the MF butterscotch yet?


I’ve not got around to doing deep testing, hehe, but it sure is a powerfully good BS. I’m going to re-visit it again, in more detail. You weren’t wrong about it, that’s for sure.


My Goblin Mini V3 came today.
Coiled and wicked, and my RY4 special.
Using the single coil deck.
Super easy and straight forward RTA.

No issues so far.

The quest continues.


Quite often I tool around on ebay looking for unloved Authentic Mechs sold off at bargain prices. 11 days ago I spied at XXX Vapourz Cloud for $50 yup that is now mine. It arrived today it looked like it had never seen a clean so a quick disassemble and a bit of a swim in citric acid and literally 15 minutes on the buffing wheel and low and behold it is reborn.


@woftam Wow, that’s a beaut. How or why did it turn so yellow ?


Never been cleaned it is just very heavy tarnish on brass


Stunning. Excellent work!


That has come up a treat! :star_struck:


I got a few MF Extracts in the mail today…


I think i may order the lemon and hopefully get a sample of orange. Following you costs me :grinning:


Remember to ask for the orange sample in the comment box.


Thanks to @Dan_the_Man, got this today, for 30$, unbelievable !!! the box is worth that !!!
I have not put batt. in yet or read instructions ( who reads instructions). But it’s a beut!!, the only mod I got that ain’t Square-rectangular with corners at 20-45 degrees.

Loch Ness by envii


One of my favourite all time Mods, I absolutely love mine, nothing has been made that is as nice to use as the Loch Ness, $30 is a steal, nice deal :wink:


That thing is beautiful, me wants…


@Ken_O_Where, they still had the blue ones left, the Black ones are out of stock, in only took 3 days to get here!!!

@Steampugs, It feels great in the hands , very nice smooth soft texture, I hope the chipset is good!!