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Vape Mail 2019


I was thinking about getting a Recurve??? Your Profile leaked?


My Profile leaked around/past the o-rings (not over-squonking out the air holes). =/
I’ve read others who had the problem, and those who have not. So… Not really sure what to say other than what I experienced. The included replacement o-rings didn’t fix the problem.

Many seem to be quite content with both though.

All I can say for the Recurve is that compared to the Theorem, it always fell short. Missing notes, or muted notes… Granted, I use a complex ADV that I’ve been using daily for over two years as my test drive. And always in a freshly coiled and wicked, side by side test.

Wish you luck with yours though!


Thanks for the input…my profile ok it’s a greedy juice monster…still seeking the perfect RDA dammit it’s depressing…really the crappy smok tanks deliver ok but I hate them ( high maintenance bitches) ugh…If I was going to buy something new what do you recommend so tired of the crap


If it’s a single coil RDA you want, I’d recommend the Drop Solo or the Coilart DPro mini. There’s a bunch of good ones out there but these are my gotos at the moment. IMO the DPRO out-flavors any of my RDAs. Simple single wire or basic claptons work great on it. Exotic coils may run too hot for it.


I’ve heard good things about the drop solo…its on the wish list :slight_smile:


Thank you for the link. Much appreciated.


First impressions of both are very nice flavour and easy to build


Nice looking pair you got there @GuernseyNick.


the best kind of vape mail has to be vape mail your not expecting… having a really bad week this week. got a very nice surprise when I opened my mail box. I knew right away without looking it was a gift from @Molly_Mcghee and it brought a smile to my face.

Banana Split

edit: had to use my phone to post picture then typed everything else on the pc. this tastes awesome


@tartarusspawn, her BS is excellent.


I knew there was a reason I kept procrastinating sending that out! :joy:


You know my BS all too well, sir.


You know her so we’ll! When she brings the BS she brings it deep!


Well so much for the initial excitement of the C4 arriving a day early…

I can’t get the damn top sleeve off to even be able to clean it, much less put a coil in it. :cry:

I’ve even tried dropping it in the USC (with heated water), and it just won’t budge. sigh

I need to contact Vapor Range and see if they can/will do anything about it, but I’m really bummed. I was excited to see how this one performs.

If anyone has any ideas or tips, feel free to PM or open a new thread. (No, I’m not willing to try pliers or vice grips -even if there’s something in between the two surfaces to keep from scratching. It’s on that tight)


Idk if this will work for you. It’s been suggested to me by others but ultimately I didn’t have to do it. They say put it in the freezer for about 10 mins.


Will try that! Ty!

Thank you @muth!
Gave it a few minutes extra. And it STILL fought tooth and nail with me. But… SUCCESS! :tada:

Now it’s back to the USC for a good cleaning!


I know how you feel. I’d try anything. This has happened to me more than once and I destroyed the bottom cap assembly on my Pegasus tube mod once. Recently, I couldn’t remove the deck from a CP TF RTA but finally managed with one of these:
Image result for jar opener faucet gripper


Funny to hear you say that. The Theorem got so much shit from some reviewers. I thought it produced great flavor and didn’t see it as a problem at all.

Until that C4 arrived, ey? Did you finally get the cap off?


Ohhh yes, I know the BS !!!


Yep. Coil placement is CRITICAL on it.

I agree that it’s average at best (if you use the ‘assumed’ coil location), and even slightly below average with really bad placement (too low).

But once you ‘get it’… It’s a bloody flavor MONSTER IME!

Nope, until the Hermetic arrived Monday! :rofl:
As for the C4 we’ll see! lol