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Vape Mail 2019


Yikes!!! Ya might want to remove the o-rings first. USCs will make them swell. It’s happened to me.


That doesn’t even come close to having enough range to measure the amount of bs she is capable of producing.


Today was a great vape mail day. After kinda inexplicably deciding to buy a Recurve clone on my last FastTech order about 2 months back, I haven’t used another atty since. RDAs, it turns out, are right up my street and exactly what I’d been missing. So, when I was lucky enough to win a voucher from @Heaven_Gifts earlier this month in an ELR contest, it was only ever gonna get spent on expanding my RDA collection. So yes, I know, I’m SUPER late to the party here but my Wasp Nano and Drop Solo landed today (8 days after ordering too!) and I am well excited about them :grin:


I’m stealing that :slight_smile: love the bs meter


you’re gonna love both.


Don’t worry too much @BikesAndBacon , you’re not the only one who’s “late to the party”. Have a Wasp Nano Mini coming with my $275.00 “set myself up for squonking” order from China. Hopefully it’ll be a goodun’ :pray:


@DardyVape we’ll be n00bs together!!


tons of info here and we always happy to help USA United Squonkers of America


:wink: if we take @worm1 ‘s advice, we won’t be nOObs for long my friend :+1: Bring it on!


Another batch of FLV. Only problem I have is I can’t get any Whipped Cream or Avocado. :cry: Whipped Cream is on the DG “No Fly” list and all the Australian vendors who sell FLV don’t have it. The only one who has Avocado sells in 30ml bottles and is out of stock anyway. I might ask my local guy (Juice Factory) if he can get these two in at some stage and see what happens. More than happy with what I have so no big deal. Cheers.


had another surprise today in the mail box

not sure if someone on here sent these to me. if so thank you


I vaguely recall last spring or summer looking at some free samples, 6mth - 1yr guess better late than never.


That’s strange, those are some of my favorites @tartarusspawn !!!



Huh, I’ve seen those labels before!!!


Intro to DIY complete. Looking fully stocked and ready to make my own mixes instead of stealing all of yours.


Recv’d today and even thru only an afternoon, really enjoying it and nothing to complain about. Well thought of design w/top airflow, perfect orings, raised squonk pin and concave deck sucks excess back.


Damn Vape Fresia 22mm RTA

Not trying to sell ya anything, but if you need a 22mm RTA here’s the poop on this one, from using it myself.

Won the credit to buy this from buybest but picked this out because of all the reviews I saw bout it. All the reviews out there are accurate about this lil pup.

It is High Quality Machined, Good Finish and has Smooth threads. MTL and Restircted DL - No Sacrifice for either.

2 drip tips - the Beveled one has a more restricted inner dimension for MTL. The Straight drip tip’s ID is larger. So if the Restricted-DL hit is to restricted you can improve it just by using the straight drip tip, it will open it up a lot more.

Hyper customizable vaping - easy single coil build deck. Built a single coil 28GA 316 SS, 7.5 wraps with 2.5 ID it came out to 0.77 Ohms. Vaping at 12 Watts with 40 MG Nic salts and it’s beautiful.

Glass - 2ML Straight and 3.5ML Bubble glass… Wicked the 2ML kept a dry wick, filled it and it took 3ML of juice.

If you like a Hot Dual Coil Full on Airy DL Hit or go through a lot if low Nic Juice everyday. Then It’s not for you… But anything less than that and you can achieve it with this.

Only other con is it’s 22mm and comes with NO COILs you’ll have to build or buy some. Right now on my Smoant Battlestar it’s a little over kill. But I’m looking at pairing this up with a super tiny smaller lighter single 18650 MOD that only takes 22mm tanks. (That Vapresso SWAG that @OddModicum recommend to me) For my ideal go to SMALL pocket friendly but higher end vape device with exchangeable batteries - heaven!

If you need a 22mm RTA I wouldn’t pass this up. for right around $20 it’s a steal. Gonna even buy a few more myself now. It would be very hard to get this to leak also if you look how it’s designed, No probs here guys.


Got this a couple days ago, but didn’t get around on posting the picture or to even set it up. I think it can’t get any girl’ier lol.

Asmodus Oni 167W - DNA 250 with Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA on top (golden drip tip from the recurve rda)


I was considering that one as well @worm1.
The only downside to it (per a review I recall) was that the air was a bit turbulent.
I take it you’re not experiencing that?


yes as expected but nothing obnoxious in noise or annoying in feel. It does offer a lot of air tho and tho i usually run everything wide open, i can handle cutting it back half w/o it being to tight. Flavor is nice but cant fully state great just yet w/ bit of a throat tickle i’ve had last couple days and ran the packaged .2 clapton that gives u a different vape then simple builds that i prefer. An absolutely dry mod is something i gotta get used to tho :laughing:, no fear of over dripping or condensation from side air holes on the mod. This does make more condensation build in it tho since there’s no where else to go transferring to a wetter vape.


Ok, I totally ADORE that tip!!! I just went hunting for ‘gold flake’ tips to use on my own rainbow tanks. Too dang funny. Stuff I found on efun not nearly as cool as yours, though.