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Vape Mail 2019


I dont know on @scifoc 's rate of use for peppermint but I run from .12% up to .4% no higher… it will stick to your cotton and coil even at that rate of use… at over .4% it develops a funky taste when steeped… or it could just be me… :slight_smile:


Nice! Thanks!


Took advantage of Family day 15% off sale! The wild melon is killer!


Picked up a Asmodus Minikin Boost and Minikin Reborn from VaporRange for a good deal thanks to @eStorm heads up. The Galatek RDA was a freebie/combo with one of the mods.


New toy to play with over the weekend. Never had a DR before either, so why not?


Looks very nice, a couple of things came in today too, I post some pics later.

I was tempted to get a pink minikin2, always wanted one but not at regular prices, however I just couldn’t resist the DNA for the same price.

Glad you got these kids so, how’s that rda?


Just getting into them to be honest. Took me a few years of simply buying TF8 coils and MBV/Vape Wild. Joined your ranks not even a month ago. Rabbit hits man. Only 2nd RDA. First was CO Vapor Royal Hunter X. Liked the NI80 wrap much more than the Alien Claptons. But it’s the exact opposite in the Rabbit. Still new to this so I have a lot to learn.


The rda is ehhh so far. Small bore tip. Decent flavor though.


I love my dead rabbit


Anyone who owns a Dreamer or likes bigger rdas, look at the Ardent. Flavor is the best I’ve had on any rda over 24mm.


Might as well throw a couple of things in the mix.

VSticking VK530 w/ Themis Mesh (and a workpad that my little friend, Nikko the cat, took a liking to).

A friend had to tell me I won a giveaway from DJLsb Vapes. I had no idea what he was talking about. I watch reviews but seldom say anything. Just happened to make one comment that day and BAM! IPV-IT with yet another Themis. I’ve been on a top air kick.


Congrats on the win!
And job well done Nikko! lol


Bought myself a cute little OBS Cube. Love that thing! Serpent Elevate on top. 'nother top air.


Thank you my friend :smiley:


Really love the look of that mod, congratulations on your win!

Also thank you for giving me a drop tip idea, just got the elevate in, but these drip tips are horrible. Was wondering what I could put on it, since all of us got spare tips.

I think the recurve drip tip is kinda the shape of yours, will see if that works better :slight_smile:


Thank you. I got that DT on FT. It has a honeycomb bottom for spit back but also cuts down the AF a little. It works for me on wide open 810s. Not a clear pic but will give you an idea:


Well well… First time in what feels like forever that I’m able to share something worthwhile in the Vape Mail thread!

Fast shipping from Vapor Range (thanks to the Good Deals thread) today (Monday) brought in the new Hermetic (by Blitz and Suck My Mod) BF RDA.

For the first time EVER, I finally have an RDA (ok, not really. It’s a squonker!) that brings in the same excellent level of flavor as my long beloved Thereoms!!

Finally! No more ‘making do’ with the Recurve RDA. And the Profile was retired very quickly due to the leaking…and what’s more, is I still have the Asmodus C4 LP on the way (in case this one didn’t pan out)! Which, according to Beaufort_Batches, and a couple of others I highly respect, is also quite the performer!

Today is a great day!


Yesterday was payday and I hit go on several orders yesterday morning, 3 arrived today?! 12 flavours, 30ml nic sample and some crazy ass 95% vodka


I found the link to the drip tip I posted If you have an interest. This is the entire collection but you can purchase one for $1.71. The only drawback is they might not fit snug on all attys.


New toy so far so good:)