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Vape Mail 2019


Funny… A liter of PG lasted me a year. :laughing:


more than a year can be 10 years :smiley:


Stocking up 4 of us vape here =)


why two gallons of PG to one gallon of VG? shouldn’t it be the other way around? :smiley:


Yeah I screwed up the order should have been reversed…doh !


now it makes sense :smiley:


Always a nice surprise when you pre order something and forget about it.


It’s called Drunk shopping :rofl:





Thanks out to Wes @Nicotine_River who answered my PM to him, in about 2 minutes, and expedited my shipment.


I got these flavors and tanks in yesterday… Big Shout Out to @TheTinMan for the Boreas! I’m still waiting Bro!


nice mail…them Boreas are great tanks…wicked flavor…


It won’t let me edit Shot Out to Shout Out, but you all know what I mean.


Ya i cant edit anything either … I get a message saying body is too sinilar


Happens to me quite a bit when editing, and it’s actually becoming problematic @Pro_Vapes, @fidalgo_vapes.


I find my self talking a lot of sinilars myself.

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“Body is too similar to what you recently posted” error when editing post

No pictures but received the Boreas from @TheTinMan, and probably for the same reason as @Pro_Vapes, still waiting,lol. Vapes great!! Also got the Steam Crave blue special addition plus…all in one day,good day


Cool of ya’ as always Tin! :+1:


New toys =)
All loaded up and ready to go =)