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Vape Mail 2019


lol I responded in the techie topic. But I can repeat it here too, just google Recurve RDA drip tip and you can purchase them without the rda. Should be running around $2.99 - $3.99 maybe cheaper on FastTech. Plenty of other colors too, but I do like the shape of it and the fact that it glitters, rather than looking like it’s gold tinted/colored/plated kinda deal.


How bad was the shipping from Chef’s?


The one on the right caught my eye. Who makes that?




Thats the one. They do a 25mm single coil and 28mm dual coil version.
I got the 25 and very happy with it the tank shown is 5ml and it comes with 8ml bubble glass.


Not bad at all. I want to say around $10.


Going rayon !!!


I bought a box similar to that from Amazon about 2 years ago. Still haven’t run out!


SWEET =) … l


New scale today! Its a cheapie 12$ on Amazon =)


Edit: one long ass vapemail but i think it is deserving:
So estatic last couple days unfolding the gift box, slowly so happy, no questions only intelligent Pms about the subject accepted, thks so much @therabidweasel

beyond all these vaping '15 rtas/rdas which i love to try i found shit that would make the most advanced hobbyist vaper crap. I truly miss you chiming in on subjects true to your heart but glad you are happy where u are at today! :hugs:
yet another generous amount of hemp and silly shit that u know only me would bring tears to my eyes, who else knows’cares what bloody thereom or bellus is?
i know i shouldve collected this shit together but shit, is a forum…thks again buddy and further more id like to thk the whole community which has been beyond huge for me and hopefully i can put a dent in that repay thing, goes around comes around.
sry got half way thru this and it aint bloody(UK) long enuff
am new topic shy but he is deserving so will collect my and any PMs together, am sure delltrap will like anyway :wink:
watch audio…hehe


Grats bud! Looks suhweeeeet! :smiley:

Very cool of ya TRW!


My first RTA, hummmmm, very good, very happy



Thanks Nude Nicotine, for super clean, and ODORLESS NIC, and warp speed shipping.

Check Nude NIC’s shipping times cross country…


Its gorgeous, and it’s really got the perfect amount of shine and fabulous curves. LOVE the look of that gold RDA, as well. Really sharp with the concave ‘Recurve’ engraving. I went hunting, seems like its tip solo is out of stock most places, but I’m on the list to get an update when they’re back in stock. Fasstech has it discontinued, darn it, which is a bummer, cause I have a cart all ready to go there… but I’ll track one down. Thanks so much for the rec!

@RexRabbit Must be cheapie scale week! I got the teensy but suuuuper affordable (under $5) pocket scale I ordered a month ago from DX.com today. Its seriously handy dandy and is literally small enough to fit in a pocket, but accurate to the .01g and big enough for any juice bottle I’ve got, so I think it’ll work great.

Its the Newacalox Mini Precision here if anyone needs a pocket backup… i didn’t grab a pic, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


YIPPEE it’s mixing time!


Holy crap these guys are fast! Ordered on Friday delivered today!
It’s the missing part of my diy atty stand


LMAO… “welcome back”… For use on your first order. :crazy_face:

Someone may be drinking on the job there! :laughing:


Hahaha ya that’s funny Gee I wonder if it’s good for the second order


That’s a lot of PG. Those two would probably last me more than a year :smiley: