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Vape Mail 2019


See if you can get an aeroflow tap



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@Burga that’s exactly what I did mate. Took advantage of Tom’s 20% off Christmas sale as well and picked up a few more flavors. And thanks to some wisdom from @SmokyBlue and the “How Low Can You Go” thread, they were all Flavorah.

Here’s 18 of the “new” bottles:

Here’s 11 of the “standard” bottles:

And finally, 3 “decanted” bottles.

Not sure why Tom had to put into these but no big deal. Actually, the FLV Lime was a small bonus. Paid for 15mls but Tom sent me 2 x 10mls so ended up with an extra 5mls. Currently they’re all sitting in an empty shoe box so I really need to find them a proper home. Maybe another nail polish rack? Happy days…


Looks like someone is going to be busy :+1: :grin:


Just a heads up, as far as I know those “new bottels” aren’t new anymore. There was a thread some time back about them and how most people hated them. If I remember correctly the person that was the driving force behind them admitted defeat after several revisions on them and they switched back to the standard bottels. But I could be completely wrong about that.


Yeah, they’re “new” (sort of) to me @Cutlass92. Early on didn’t have much FLV in my stash but what I had was in the smaller bottles. And then I got one in the taller bottle which was new to me. My flavour guy here locally could be working through his stock (?) but makes no difference to me, it’s all good. :tada:

Yeah, saw that thread on the new(er) tips and actually posted a comment early after it opened. And I think you might be right – I got the impression @Flavorah would be going back to something old-schooly. It was good they discussed the reasons and so on here. Kudos to them for that. Anyway, sitting here in the office at 7.00am listening to “Broken Wings” by Mr. Mister so might be a good idea to go off and make some money for the boss. :thinking: Cheers brother…



Elmo’s poop dance… It’s hypnotizing!



I still watch that gif often. You have a great memory, @worm1!!!


I am a wealth of useless information!


We know it’s ok bud! :rofl:


Ive been watching him for half an hour now… does someone give him a hand to lift the bucket or does he finally move it himself :thinking: :rofl:

Ohh he nearly got it… oh no wait

Ohh he nearly got it… oh no wait

Ohh he nearly got it… oh no wait


Got order from Chefs Flavors across the pond in today. Should have plenty of FA Cream Whipped for a while. I got some recipes to make…but what is your favorite recipe using it? Also, could I use this instead of tfa whipped cream or are they totally creatures?


@Nicotine_River order came in today… they also sent me a “sample” (talk about a big sample… 4oz of Black Currant (SilverLine) ) never tried this ingredient… Any tips would be appreciated (yes I did check out the flavor side of the site)… thx Nic River…


That’s cool! They sent me a big bottle of TPA’s Horchata Smooth. It was a nice surprise on top of the free shipping and discounted price


@scifoc Do all of Chefs FlavourArts come in original bottles like that?

They have other stuff hard to get Id like to try and Chefs shipping to the U.S. is not bad at all.


Not sure. First time I have ordered from there. Couldn’t get it here in the states.


If you order from the Flavourart section of Chefs they are all original bottles. If you order from flavour creative section (Chefs rebottles of FA) they are in aftermarket bottles (and much cheaper)


TY @woftam Yes I see… They have so many selections I’ll need decoding. Have to look for a Chefs Thread here.

Ok found this… Chefs Flavours Rebranding