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Vape Mail 2019


Did you get the mesh coils with it.

Ps if the answer is no grab some asap and prepare for some awsome


Congrats @Freddie3. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip @eStorm. Liion wholesale was just over half of what I’d pay here in Canada! Good thing I had them sent to my aunt in the states or with the shipping would of not been much of a savings!


Woot, finally got my @Nicotine_River ordered Dec. 31 but well prepared for the wait. Thks for throwing in some?holy smokes Batman!, Butter Pecan (Silverline)(CAP), i do that right?:laughing: While checking things in i noticed French vanilla v1 (CAP) why? and no VC v1 cap which i need. No offense but i really hoped it was NR that f’d up but it was me and ordered wrong, don’t suggest ordering anything on New Year’s Eve!! :cocktail:

Quick Q tho, how to list the French Vanilla v1 (CAP) as there is that, 3 recipes, and plain French Vanilla (CAP), 39827 recipes, ill list it as French Vanilla (Cap) but am curious as to how @Sprkslfly plans to handle the V! in general.

Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)

Checking my e-mail got me further confused!! They said i left VC V1 in the cart, how the F did i do that??:crazy_face:


I got my order in on the 14th and I ordered on the 1st. Got everything exactly as ordered, :joy: no samples for me though :disappointed: Already got the VG into my 1 gallon glass jugs.


Looks like someone is going to be BUSY @jerry13 !!!


I did not, but I plan on ordering some this weekend I’ve heard great things:+1:


Just got me some “outdated” toys (Nano, Haku clone, Zeus & Horus). Yeah, I know I’m late (very) to the party and there’s bigger and better and more up-to-date stuff I could be spending my money on but I like to “take my time” with some things. I suppose you’ve guessed I’m partial to single coil and top airflow eh? :grin:

P.S. Really liking the look and feel of the Haku Phenom clone. More than happy to shell out a measly 12 bones for it. I’m gonna “tease” myself and wait until the weekend to get that little fella up and runnin’…




This is something some people insist on recreating unfortunately…

French Vanilla (CAP) [39827 recipes] is in reality v1, since it existed BEFORE there ever was a v2!

You selected the correct one. :slight_smile:

The same goes for any others of Cap’s flavors (as an ‘across the board’ rule). There are a select few exceptions where there are 3 variants (that I can think of offhand) though.

Such as: where the original was discontinued, a v2 was in existence, and then yet another variation was introduced (typically under the “New” banner). I think Marshmallow is one such flavor that falls into this scenario… But don’t quote me (as this is just an acknowledgement that the situation exists) :wink:

Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)
Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)

I realize that it is v1 but curious if u plan on calling it v1 w/ a merge

Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)

No sir. I’ve been continually trying to merge them into the original.

Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)

to bad there isn’t a way to change adding flavors to stash to a drop down menu. say select manufacturer then select flavor. then if you don’t see your flavor listed click link to ask admin to add your flavor…


That would be awesome and really tidy up database.
But i would imagine it would not be simple to implement


my new years sale order arrived today…

figured id try out
nic salts
koolada 10% (TPA)
Dr. Pop(TPA)
Blueberry Pom w/stevia (Cap)

and give mary jane(TPA) a second chance


A pair of new 18650s, molicels from Fogstar, also a battery wrap repair kit and got a free torch. Can’t recommend Fogstar highly enough for U.K. based battery needs


All those flavors are for 1 juice.



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This is a TANK , wow @SthrnMixer you weren’t joking …