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Vape Mail 2019


You’re gonna love it.


I’m sure I will. I was doubting for a long time between the Triade and the Finder but I finally cut the knot :slight_smile:
And thanks to Ali Express, claiming it to be a $10 kids toy, I avoided paying too much customs tax :smiley:


For 35$Can I’m going to give this Hotcig g217 a try.


Did not think all the hype about Replay was something that I would be interested in, WRONG this thing ROCKS, most expensive mod outside of the White Rose ones I have. Well worth it so far. Also got a Wotofo Faris in the same mail, that is sitting on my Topside single.


Nice! I didn’t realize you’d ordered one but I’m glad you did and I think you’ll find it in your hand a lot of the time. Still waiting for @SessionDrummer to offer some feedback.


Not got it yet but most excited.
I blame @Skullblade789 for going on about how dam good nwplm mods are.


Nlpwm mods are awesome!


This just in…




Sorry for the spam, holiday orders came in but too busy to put away. .


Spam away my man! :+1:

That FW Crunchy Cereal really looks like it really has Crunchys on the bottom of it. :flushed:


LOL @Freddie3. Most are replenish’s, with some new, but the BEST was I finally caught the INW Spicy Biscuit in stock, so I could finally make @Silhouette’s exact mix. It was GREAT before, but now I’ve got the last piece to the puzzle .


@SessionDrummer Don’t think for a second that Spicy Biscuit (Inawera) didn’t tweak my jealousy. But the Crunchys on the bottom of that FW bottle distracted me. :wink:


LMAO I am not the reason.


Who made that?


Looks like a Whiterose.


Alas no it was made by

I was after a whiterose but it looks like he hasn’t been around here for a while.


I hope ya like it! Me personally, I love Spicy Biscuit, it has so much going on, it’s not a one dimensional flavor. My husband on the other hand made me adapt the recipe to use it without as he can’t stand it. We have vastly different tastes though.

Also, I just got stopped by not one, but two cops, in my freaking onesie without my license or registration. Shaping up to be a fun day. :expressionless:


Wish it was on LivePD lol