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Vape Mail 2019


I might start yelling if that happened. :sweat_smile:





I would have loved to see that!


From Chefs! That good good. Premium Custard, Fresh Cream and some Cornish Cream Tea.


I’m guessing it was delivered by Zorro?!? :rofl:


Don’t know why I took so long to get one of these.

Sooooo much better than that tool included with rebuildables, both the L-shaped and tri tool. Got it from Amazon. Of the two I was looking at, the review by @Ken_O_Where prompted me to buy this one.


That’s a LOTTA yellow there @TheTinMan !!!


They only had 10ml bottles so I ordered 6 of the premium custards.

I made a mistake not getting whipped cream but for 5 pounds shipping I’m sure I will order from them again.


Hehe, don’t feel bad @TheTinMan . I can’t remember who it was that scared me, but a while back we were talking about FA America dropping the dik flavors, and I panicked, and ordered up Milk, Butter, P. Custard, and W. Cream, in the same little bottles. Have more than a few myself, and I’m comforted when I see them. :slight_smile:


Well, it may be time for a new order @TheTinMan this time go big.



Is it bad that I know that he is Ariana Grande’s brother and that he was a Big Brother houseguest?


I won’t tell …



Yes - you need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and perhaps slap yourself in the face a few times.


I look in the mirror every morning and slap myself and say, “Damn, I’m almost as good looking as Woftam”.




Well they need to fix that shit! lol
(I’m assuming something to do with the TPD though?)


Yes. Unequivocally YES.
Now turn in one of your Man Cards. /smh

If it wasn’t for the videos of the guy who sings in the car with people, I wouldn’t have a clue WTF Ariana was either. Not that her brother matters at all. :laughing:


Na they have 100 ml in the flavour creative section which is the rebottle FA