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Vape Mail 2019


Can ya send me the link in msg please?

EDIT: Thanks @sirgalvid1


I think he should give up one of his DNA mods as a penalty


Just tried this out, unfortunately the head of this tool is too small for the grub screws in the goons that I use. I don’t know what the hell size the grub screws heads are, but they are bigger than this tool’s, they obviously aren’t 1.3 inside the hole lol… I did order a set of 50 grub screws that were 1.3 head size the same time I had ordered this tool, they won’t get here for another few days though (just hope they are the right size for the goon’s screw opening now).


Sorry to hear that. The hex driver works on my Merlin, Griffin and Taifun gt4, which are headless m2.5 grub screws. Don’t know what size the screws on the Goons are. Couldn’t find anything definite about their size. Most I saw were philips head rather than hex screws. Hopefully someone here that has a Goon can answer that question.


np I’ve been thinking of getting my griffins out again ant way lol


Had a great parcel off the slow boat from FastTech today (which actually arrived only 8 days after ordering?!?!)

A recurve clone, 2 coil trim tools, some new ceramic tweezers, 10x vape bands, and a Griffin 25 repair kit which I basically bought for the Allen key (cause, as we all know, screw you tiny T tool)

Can’t wait to have a play with this lot. Especially the Recurve clone, which is my first RDA so the clone seemed like a sensible way economically to try that out, I’ve always been a sub tanker till now. Exciting!!


Brilliant! Thanks for sharing it!


A very good day for mail


Where did you order these??
They have a “very unique” labeling scheme that I don’t recall seeing before.


Its my first time with both so never seen any different


The dreaded fried chicken from the other thread…


Yes although im enjoying it


Picked up my 5th Dreamer Mech and 3rd Ardent RDA. Absolutely love these set ups. Also a couple of FreakShows thanks to @worm1 and the gang for the recommendation on 22mm hybrid safe rdas. :fist:


Thks for having me look into it again, i found out where i got the nice s.s wide bore 510 from!


:laughing: was it driving you crazy?


This came today. I am in love.


Ordered this from VaporDNA, it was on sale. One of my original mods was an IPV and it was great till I dropped it in a deep mud puddle. Chip set is nice and working real good so far.

That is a 30mm steam crave on top and has room to spare close to same height as the 250C paranormal just a bit thicker. I know they went down hill some but maybe this is there attempt to improve
IPV V-IT 200W YiHi SX540 TC Box Mod


@David5362 All you had to say was, … STEAMCRAVE !!! Kidding. Nice looking, sorry to hear about the mud puddle, BUT, you’re just doing some “stress testing” for the rest of us.



New squid double barrel v3


More vape mail this morning: