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Vape Mail 2019


The profile on the double barrel v3



Axiel RDA? If so, how does it compare to the Goon on flavor. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, supplier and price?


I don’t know yet. Lol. I’m going to build them tomorrow. Today was mix day and tomorrow morning will be cleaning and building. I am extremely hopeful.



Ooooh avocado cream curious to see your thoughts on that one…


Not Vape Mail, but, super excited to build :blush:


Some purty goodies arrived yesterday.

2x LE Deathwish Modz Infected (Serial 000) and 2 LE 35mm Voltrove tanks


Flavorah vape mail arrived today


Beautiful how are the new bottles ???


i dunno yet. It was kind of weird the child seal ring was not attached on the two I got but the bottles felt sealed. Sure it’s fine though. Plastic feels like a quality type. Definitely not a cheap plastic.


I like the way the dripper works on those bottles very precise.


Got one of these for checking out.

SMALL and HANDY like a POD but all Sub Ohm vaping.

Nothing is adjustable… 0.25 ohm coils and 50 watts but nice and small and delivers a better vape than any pod.

I call it my noisy cricket pocket POD wantta-be but better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Vaptio Solo F1 Kit


The MTERK V2 arrived today :grinning: Can’t wait to get this going.


I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this.


Will do :+1:


No single coil option fyi. (found out after I dropped one of the coils and ran it over with my desk chair :roll_eyes:) So will build some more coils tomorrow and get it running correctly. I will say, depending on the style/type of coil you are using, I noticed that the outer leads can slip out when tweaking and pulling to get to the correct positions. The locking blocks have no knurling or texture on the coil side and neither does the base of the post. I tried some twisted coils first and it started to happen no matter how much I tightened the screws. There was no “bite”. Having a single screw for each post makes installation a breeze though. I put in the staggered claptons and they bit…then I trampled the other coil. The rda comes with both 24 and 25mm caps.


What’s your % rate with flv peppermint?


My contest contents have arrived! Thanks again to @SmokyBlue and @Flavorah. Can’t wait to get working with these. Especially intrigued by the Connecticut Shade.


Happy you got the flavors, @NChris… Connecticut Shade is fun to play with… you need to remember with it… it is the “outer wrap” of the cigar… in other words, use it as an additive and it will take you far… not much is needed, try 3 bottle drops in 30ml to start with… layer it!! Check out these two recipes for more ideas:

should take you to a few good points for mixing… have fun! :blush: