Vape Mail 2020

Just a small interim order. Thanks to @bede1 for putting me onto 5ltrs of VG for A$30. Ordered 24 amber bottles (one unselfishly took a hit for the team :cry:) for the 500mls of 100mg nic and the 500mls of 200mg nic that’s in the fridge waiting to go in the freezer. With this and what’s currently in there, I reckon I’ll have enough for the next 10-11 years :crazy_face:. Even more if I knock the % down. Bonus was they sent me an extra 5 caps (knowingly or unknowingly).


cool, where did you order your bottles from?


Haven’t gone into pricing comparisons too much @bede1 but these guys are cheap enough for me. Pretty sure they’re out of SA. Cheers mate.


thanks buddy :+1:


are you in advertising jim?
how good is that?
mirror display stand, everything strategically placed.
It almost tells a story.
Ya gotta admire a man that takes pride in his stuff.
Ive noticed a few of your presentation shots.
Good stuff mate,
you got me wanting a red pico squeeze 2, a dead rabbit kit and some berry sweet rum e juice
Maybe all thats missing now is a little hand model seduction lol.


@ KiwiPete

2 cts are here Ogre spies a Grus Updated

Mod read Ohm1 Ohm2 Ohm3
grus 0.39 0.69 0.31
yihi sl 0.43 0.74 0.34
vv PULSE BF 0.45 0.77 0.35
ipV 0.43 0.73 0.33
innokin disrupter 0.43 0.75 0.33
pico 0.42 0.71 0.32
yihi t-class 0.45 0.76 0.34

sry my photoshop no work atm :hot_pepper:



HUGE shout out to @ElementVape for getting this to me in TWO days !!!


Please report back on the Wasp, It was on my wish list. The single coil one is a favorite of mine and sits on most of the single battery sqounkers, I Think this would be great on my Drone or Topside.


So last week I received my black Grus from 8vape and today I got my silver Grus from Fast Tech. A couple of things of interest between the two:

The US version came in a small slim box tagged with a “sale only allowed in the United States” sticker. Inside was the Grus and paper work. No USB cable or battery adapter. No big deal, I have USB cables coming out of my you-know-what, and I don’t plan on using an 18650. But I still had a WTF moment. Then I opened the battery compartment and found the USB cable and adapter crammed in there. Hooray! I did experience some under powering in wattage mode (about 10 watts) and had to adjust the temp about 20 degrees higher than normal. Annoying, but livable. In temp mode, I found it to work better with SS mesh than with SS traditional coils. Traditional coils were pretty weak IMO.

The silver Grus from Fasttech came in a wider box with the USB and adapter in it’s own little pocket next to the mod, and of course no USA sticker on the box. Using the silver mod with the same Profile and same SS mesh that was on the black Grus had different results. The temp control was better. I was able to set it to my usual temp and it felt pretty good. In wattage mode, I had to set it lower than the black version and that was also good. I havent tried traditional coils yet, but I’m betting it will be better as well.

I have to wonder why these are so different? Don’t know if anyone else has experienced anything similar, but I found it interesting. Both Grus’ are reading a lower resistance difference of 0.01 ohms compared to my DNA and Squeeze 2 mod. I just happened to have those handy at the time and thought I’d check.
I love how well these devices fit in the hand and hate that I can’t change the wattage in temp mode. I haven’t heard a peep about firmware upgrading and wonder if this is something that will be available at a later time. Hopefully it’s wired to accept upgrades.

That was a really long way to say “I got vape mail”.


One each black woody…


Is there a way to list firmware version? Maybe the Silver one has updated firmware on it?


Yeah, I thought of that too but I don’t see how to retrieve the info.


They are not coming off the line in uniform quality. I’ve been “chatting” with many who have purchased them and they are showing variances up to 10% in resistance readings. I have two and oddly enough (luck of the draw) they are both reading what I would consider bang on or at least industry standard ~ +/- 3% across the full range of tolerated resistance. I see nothing on Lost Vape’s website regarding firmware for the Grus. If there is a way to view the firmware version, I have not found it.


New flavours.


I found a post regarding the Grus and the possibility of running NFE tools to support Red Panda and Artic Fox, and someone has dismatled the Grus and found that the chip is wired for accepting firmware upgrades. Thats good news and hopefully we’ll see some progress on upgrades soon.


3/3 of my most anticipated vape mail of the year! :smiley:

Game Changer has finally arrived after 24 days of international travel! (after taking in several different states in the USA followed by a short sightseeing trip to Japan)

Cannot express how excited I am - thank you Dan :+1: @anon36682625 :smiley:

Oh… and a couple of Blue Raspberries from River Supply Co for my next binge…


Got my Grus from 8vape yesterday, the wood panel is two-tone,
I like 2tone! :sunglasses:


Even the shoelaces match the mod. Pretty impressive :grin: