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Apologies if already a thread but cant see it. Vape Train Australia have a lot of concentrates in the UK now and also seen them being tried in America by the likes of DiyorDie. I have tried a few and my basic thoughts:

Jam It - Rubbish. Tried it a few pecentages and didnt do anything for me, just tasted like an off version of Flv Candy Roll, just really jumbled sweetness that didnt give me a jam feeling at all

Marmalade It - Not much better though I can see what they are doing with this, is a hint of marmalade rind type flavour, still not for me though

Honeycomb - Average. Not awful, but no game changer, really light honeycomb flavour, needs biscuit or something added to it, some will like it, again not for me

Pudding Base - Just started tasting this in a few mixes and this one is very promising. Eggs, buttery and quite sweet it does give the taste to me of licking the bowl after whipping a pudding recipe, this is a good one

Fizzy Sherbert - Gold Star :slight_smile: Though I have never really got a true fizz from any vapes…this is a superb flavour very much like a sherbert dip dab or the sherbert in the middle of a lemon sherbert.

After purchasing those first three concentrates, I was wondering if VTA were just utter hype with there supposed bases. The pudding base is excellent though and the fizzy sherbert is just a great concentrate. Have a couple of others not yet tried, so far very much hit and miss, and some people will probably love some flavours I hate, its real flavors all over again haha. Fizzy sherbert is definately a must have I would say though


thanks for the heads up Will

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I went to their site and checked out the ingredients on the first of their flavours in the list:

"Ingredients: Imported Natural and Artificial Flavouring, suspended in Propylene Glycol and Ethanol"
Damn! At that sort of concentration, i had high hopes of finding them PG_free.

And they look to have a great selection of flavours. I’m so envious!

But then: note the “imported” ? Looks like they’re rebottling and/or mixing then re-bottling. Some might be all-natural, some might be PG-free, but probably no telling which is which

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@jay210 skip about an hour in i think


I nearly got the pudding I have been playing with there flavours to i got the sample pack jam it fizzy sherbet and sour mate i agree on the jam it some what it is like a sort of sweetener and the fizzy sherbet at sav is really fizzy it suppressed me it does die off a bit though. The stand outs for me so far are the strawberry milk wow to begin with strawberry was strong after a steep the milk has come full force and i can tast the strawberry as a background note, sour lemon is good but need to change wick after use as it lingers around and the green apple is great especially with the fizz.
The apricot :nauseated_face: tasts like plastic :nauseated_face: am playing with it at lower % to work it out will give more info on others after abit more steeping.


Thanks for the link…i think :laughing: . Well, well, well, that podcast has suceeded in irritating the heck out of me before i managed to sqeeze any relevant info out of it! but now I know that there is some relevant on it, I shall do my best to persist with it. After my second wake up coffee. Or maybe my third.


Have tried a few more:

Rhubarb Compote - Doesnt really taste like a compote in terms of being sweet and sugary, more like the compote has just balanced out all the sharpness and acidity that you would get in a rhubarb…like Inaweras for example. It has the flavour of rhubarb, lightly without the feel of rhubarb, people who dont like Inaweras may like this, think its pretty bland personally though, dissapointing

Grape Juice - Well FA grape concorde is awful, have tried a tpa grape juice and fw grape juice…this isnt so much of a juice to me, but unlike other grape juices…it is an authentic tasting grape, pretty good. Funny the vta picture is of a red grape though, as to me this tastes a bit lighter and less juicy and more like a green grape to me…real flavors is more a red grape and juice for me, though this is still more authentic

Chocolate Milk - Heard some rave reviews of this…probably skewed my views being over excited. There is a decent milk, not up with fa milk or some creamy milks even but decent. Also a definate chocolate there but again just decent…still yet to have a chocolate blow me away MF dark chocolate is pretty good but take for ever to steep. If you like choc vapes and milks you will like this, if like me your not blown away by most of the chocolates out there or find OOO creamy milk overtone way over hyped…this is just another decent one not a game changer

Bubblegum Base - This is another impressive one, so far it seems to be the candy flavours of vta that are the really good ones. Think hubba bubba without the fruit. Tastes like bubblegum pleasantly unlike inawera donald, tpae and capella bubblegums and isnt sickly unlike the under rated One on One Bubble Bubble Pink Gum. I like Inawera bubblegum as it tastes like bubblegum balls but this is closer to the feeling of bubblegum in taste, really is a great base for bubblegums, screwballs etc.

Still awaiting a few more from VTA (post Uk…snow…arghhh). Will post up furter when try them. I am generally pretty harsh on flavours, honeycomb for instance a lot of people are raving about on VHM, so its just my subjective opinions…a fair few duds, fair few meh its ok but overhyped and a couple of great candy flavours so far


Thanks Will_G for the reviews . Just received a heads up from Bull City this AM. Looks like they are supplying VT.
"Shop now and receive a FREE GIFT with your VT Flavours purchase, while supplies last! No code needed!"

Do you plan to place your review comments in Flavor List?

Additional refs:


A few more been tried. Personally I am dissapointed with the fruits I have tried, they all seem to have the flavour of the chosen fruit but seem a bit light to me, lacking body…this would include:
dragon fruit
glazed strawberries
apollo feijoa
pear halves

Also tried two fron the one shot range:
Lemon Meringue Tart - Decent, again a little dissapointing, read some good reviews of this and personally not one I would be replacing in recipes, still prefer capellas lemon meringue tart
Cinnamon Doughnuts - I like this one quite a bit. They have got the cinnamon element bang on in terms of strength and flavour in the concentrate. The doughnut element is lacking as the kind of donut I like, but it is a nice doughy flavour. A good concentrate to add to bakeries, not quite a donut for me though

A few I think are very good without reviewing them, just accurate to the flavour and all worth purchasing:
Creme caramel
Cigar Leaf
Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Mother Energy - I got sent this free with my order. It is supposed to be an enrgy drink flavour, it isnt really for me. It does really taste like something but I still cant fathom what it is. A real marmite flavour, I think it is excellent though, surprised to really like this

Arabica Coffee - When I get concentrates I dont do lick tests but I do sniff them…wow this smelt exactly like a bold roast coffee. Thought if it is as half as nice it will be great to vape…it is only half as nice, but that is still great! I have tried fa dark bean and up, osdiy lotta latte, inw cappucino and a couple of others. My favourite has been medicine flower even though its hard to use in mixes…this blows all of them out of the water for me. FA Dark Bean is a bold roast coffee flavour but to me tastes like coffee powder…this is what I hoped dark bean would be. This for coffee lovers is an absolute must have for me, cant wait for the tobaco mixes I have it in to steep. Have heard there milk froth is good, if it is all you probably need is that and this for an excellent coffee mix :slight_smile:


Thanks @Will_G i have been wanting a good coffee but every commercial coffee juice i have tried was terrible. Also i have seen some interesting recipes on alltheflavours with the rhubarb


Trying the rhubarb compote again mixed with Inawera rhubarb as for me its just a decent but one dimensional rhubarb flavour, finding that with most of the fruits personally. Yes I have found similar, all the proper coffees taste powdery of they are just creamy flavours with a hint of coffee and not authentic. I do like fa up but it is more like the tiramisu should have been (ironically the tiramisu tastes like powdered coffee) and mf coffee is really good, it is just awkward to mix (when it doesnt work in recipes it tastes horrid) and takes forever to steep. Highly recommend the arabica, has worked in everything I have tried it with so far, only real gripe is think it may be a bit of a cotton shitter, found similar sometimes with fa up


Did you mean it really tastes like Marmite? Or do you just use marmite as slang for something like ‘indescribable’ ?

I would love a Vegemite flavor to mix with cream cheese and crackers (or toast).


:slight_smile: Sorry Dave, it is an English saying as people either love or hate marmite, doesnt taste like marmite at all no, just as a strange flavour some may love it some hate it


I wonder if there is, and if so, how big, a shill factor on a company that is almost unknown being supported so quickly by a suggestive questionable name, but still name like DIYORDIE.

hmmm, has anyone confirmed if this company is rebottling flavors or rebranding?


In the dod video he had the owner on. Said they make their own…or contract a lab. Something to that effect.

As for sponsorship no one will know. But a fair number of people received free samples. That does create hype.

Beyond that…any company that introduces a few hundred new flavors will get some recognition. With feedback, some reviews will be both positive and negative. (Just look at rf. Both good and bad)


As @Chrispdx said on the diyordiy pod cast theo goes into it abit more also there is abit on redit were Theo answers a few questions regarding the entity that is vape train. In regards to funding think he is in alot of debt but also sells bulk juices (250ml +) and believe he has for a while. The thing that is worrying a few people is no safty data sheets have been released for flavours as far as i know.

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nah, i’m ok, I don’t want to support that channel.


Realy why is that am i missing something here? There is no way i would have started diy if it wasn’t for wayn